The Shroud had been on public display in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist for five weeks prior to being made available to the research team. It was fastened to a large board with thumbtacks and sealed inside a nitrogen filled Lexan display case that allowed it to be clearly seen by the visiting throngs, while remaining protected from any potentially damaging pollutants in the air. At the close of the exhibition, the Shroud was moved from the cathedral into the adjoining Royal Palace on this same wooden board. Here the red silk "wrapping cloth" which is stitched to one edge of the Shroud has been folded over and is being fastened under the Shroud by a Poor Clare nun and Professor Luigi Gonella of the Polytechnic University of Turin. At far left are two members of the photographic team, Mark Evans, responsible for photomicroscopy and Ernest Brooks, president of Brooks Institute of Photography. Note the custom built examination table in its vertical position at right.

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