British Society for the Turin Shroud

The British Society for the Turin Shroud was founded in 1977 to act as a forum for individuals from all walks of life sharing an interest in the mystery of the Shroud. The Society is non-denominational, has no party line for or against the Shroud's authenticity, and its officers all work on an entirely voluntary basis. Currently the newsletter is published twice per year. You can take out or renew your subscription and get more details at the new BSTS Newsletter Website. Membership fees are 10 for a digital subscription (worldwide). UK Postal Subscription (Two years) 35. Includes free digital subscription. International Postal Subscription (Two years) 50. Includes free digital subscription.

In December 2017, long time BSTS member David Rolfe took the reins as the new editor of the BSTS Newsletter. David's intention, subject to maintaining subscription levels, was to continue with the printed edition of the Newsletter, which remained available to its subscribers but who also had access to a BSTS online forum. This features comments from subscribers who may wish to take up any particular issue with the Newsletters's authors, contributors and reviewers. In July 2022, after David's retirement, BSTS member Michael Kowalski took over the duties of newsletter editor with the goal of continuing in the footsteps of his excellent predecessors (Ian Wilson, Mark Guscin, Hugh Farey and David Rolfe). Each new edition will continue to be archived here on 12 months after publication so that the whole collection of articles going back more than 40 years can be readily searched online via our British Society for the Turin Shroud page.

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