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Future Issues of this Newsletter, and the Alterations to Length and Typesize suggested in Newsletter no.42

Only a tiny proportion of the membership wrote in stating their views to the changes to the frequency and typesize of our Newsletter suggested in our issue no.42.Of these the following comments are a representative sample:

Mary Miller: 'I would be quite happy with a Newsletter twice a year and though I am not keen on the titchier type-size it is acceptable.'

Kathy Holt: 'When I received Newsletter number 42 I was delighted that it appeared to be fatter than previous ones. but delight quickly became dismay since I simply could not read it - and still have not done so... Certainly any print as small as the last Newsletter is out of the question... I would certainly prefer two readable Newsletters a year to three I can't read (unless I have a magnifying glass, which la longeur is a bore).

J.A.Gilson: 'I do enjoy the Newsletter three times a year, though I appreciate that costs go ever upwards. As I get older smaller print distresses me.'

John Rhodes: 'Quite happy with reduced type-size and twice yearly Newsletter'

Meriol Trevor wrote that she 'doesn't mind two or three' and can accept the typeface, though please, no smaller and 'keep it very black'.

Overall the reduction to two lengthy issues a year seems to have raised fewer and less forceful objections than the type-size reduction, as a result of which (and taking into account the 'mature' years of many of our members), we have reverted to the old type-size for this current issue and all future ones, while again producing a substantially lengthier publication than has been our previous norm. The Newsletter's exact issue date has always been somewhat fluid dependent on topicality of news, editor's commitments, etc., but June/July and November/December will now be the new target - with an intervening issue always possible in the event of some special news breakthrough. We do hope all members will go along with these changes.

Notice From General Secretary/Treasurer Dr.Michael Clift

Some members have overlooked their 1996 subscriptions so that if your address label for this Newsletter has a green motif on it please check the date on your membership card. If there is a red motif the records show arrears of more than one year, and again this can be checked by reference to your current membership card. We shall be grateful to all those who enable us to limit the necessary culling operation before Newsletter no.44.

Proposed BSTS Coach Trip to Turin April/May 1998

General Secretary/Treasurer Dr.Michael Clift hopes to arrange a coach trip for members to visit Turin during the time of the forthcoming new exposition of the Turin Shroud, April 18 to May 31, 1998. While an exact plan has yet to be arranged, the trip would probably include stops at Lirey and Chambry, and would be for a minimum of three days, or perhaps more if stop-overs at Lyon's Textile Museum and Paris's Muse de Cluny were added, and costs permit. Any members actively interested in joining such a tour should let Dr.Clift know as soon as possible, stating any preferences regarding stop-overs, length of stay, recommended cost limits, etc.

This Newsletter is published by the British Society for the Turin Shroud, founded in 1977 to act as a forum for individuals from all walks of life sharing an interest in the Shroud mystery. For subscription/membership details contact General Secretary Dr.Michael Clift at 9 Glevum Close, Longlevens, Gloucester GL2 9JJ, England.

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