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Internet News

Barrie Schwortz's Shroud of Turin Website (, which includes a special section for the BSTS, continues to go from strength to strength, and is warmly recommended to all with Internet facilities. A major new section has the very latest details concerning the recent fire.

The organizers of next year's Exposition of the Shroud in Turin also now have a web site. This is The e-mail address for all enquiries concerning the Exposition is

Spain's Shroud group the Centro Español de Sindologia, of which little previously has been known internationally, likewise has a web site. This is: This can be accessed either directly, or via Barrie Schwortz's web site with which, like that of the BSTS, it is affiliated. The Centro Español's e-mail address is, and its Vice President is Jorge Manuel Rodriguez, contactable by ordinary mail at Avda. Reino de Valencia 53 - 16a, 46005, Valencia, Spain.

Through the Internet contact it has now emerged that this Spanish group has its own excellently produced Newsletter Linteum. Their issue number 19, which has been kindly sent to us, includes articles on the Exposition of 1898, the Sudarium of Oviedo, and the Garden of Gethsemane.

Professoressa Emanuela Marinelli of Rome's Collegamento pro Sindone has asked for the Collegamento's e-mail address to be made available to all BSTS members. This is:

The American Holy Shroud Guild's web site, produced by the ever-energetic Fr. Fred Brinkmann, is

Any BSTS members who would like their e-mail numbers and/or web sites to be circulated to others via this Newsletter are invited to e-mail the details to the Editor at the e-mail address shown on the front page of this Newsletter.