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Booking your viewing of the Shroud

The Shroud is being exhibited in the Cathedral of Turin from April 18 until June 14 1998, and in order to avoid queues, advance booking of your visit is strongly recommended, being described as 'compulsory' both for individuals and for organised groups.

For such advance bookings there is a toll-free number in Italy: 167 329 329. A voice will answer in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. From Great Britain there is similarly an 0800 number 0800 967951. Other countries that have toll-free numbers are: France: 0800 907674; Germany 0130819457; Spain 900 993943 and Argentina +39 3003 03474. From all other countries the number to dial is Italy (+39) 114647999.

For hotel bookings in Turin and other tourist information, those already in Italy should dial 199 133 133. From overseas there are a series of agencies: e.g. Cisalpina Tour +39 11 6960973 (Monday to Friday 9-12.30 and 1500-1900 hours, Italian time); and Eta Beta: +39 11 8008130 (Mon-Fri 9-1300 hrs, 1500-1900 hrs). Information can also be obtained via computer, the e-mail address being

The Expositions' official Internet site can be reached at the on-line address:

The Turin Congress

After being asked to submit their proposals for papers a year in advance of this Congress, would-be speakers have been nail-bitingly waiting ever since for news of whether those papers have been accepted for inclusion. Only as this Newsletter was going to press has it been positively confirmed that this Congress is definitely going ahead, the delay apparently being due to the ill-health of Professor Pier-Luigi Baima-Bollone, President of the Organizing Committee.

Entitled the III Congresso Internazionale di Studi sulla Sindone, the congress will commence at 2 pm on Friday 5th June at the Centro Congressi dell'Unione Industriale, Via Fanti 17, Turin, and will continue until the 7th. Details of the exact programme have yet to be released, but the British Society' new Honary Chairman, Dr. Allan Mills has been told that his presentation is definitely included. The Congress activities are to include a gala dinner, and on the Sunday evening there will be a special celebration Mass in the Cathedral to be followed by a special private viewing of the Shroud.

Any enquiries regarding the Congress should be addressed to Associazione C.M.S., tel/fax +39 11 542933.

Shroud Exhibition in Australia

No, the Shroud is not going 'down-under'. However, for Australians and for visitors to Australia a Turin Shroud photographic exhibition will be on display at Old St. James Church Raglan, via Bathurst, New South Wales, from 9 April to 14 June daily between 10 am and 4 pm.

Rex Morgan, editor of Shroud News (now preparing his 107th issue) is the custodian of this venture, and the entire proceeds - admission $2. concessions $1 - are to be donated to the Holy Trinity Church, Kelso, NSW, New Community Centre Fundraising Appeal.

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