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If you wish to be on our mailing list and receive an e-mail notification whenever the website is updated (about four time per year) and occasional e-mails when important Shroud news or information breaks, you can now add your name to the list yourself using the link below. Just enter your e-mail address in the box and hit "Go" to open a Subscriber Registration Form. Then, just make sure you enter your correct e-mail address where indicated. That is the ONLY information you need to provide to become a subscriber. You will also be asked some additional questions about yourself, but answering them is optional. We ask for the additional information to help us determine a cross section of website viewers. Note that from time to time, subscribers will also get to preview content and receive exclusive offers never made available to regular website viewers.

If you ever wish to unsubscribe, just use the Unsubscribe Link you will find at the bottom of every e-mail we send and your name will be removed immediately. Should your e-mail address or other data change, you can use the Update link provided at the bottom of each e-mail or simply enter your old e-mail address into the box below and follow the instructions provided. This list and related information will never be sold or made available to anyone else. Your privacy is very important to us and your participation is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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We are happy to announce that you can now join he Shroud of Turin Website - STERA, Inc. Mailing List directly from your mobile smart phone! Simply scan the QR Code above or text SHROUD to 22828 to get started. Follow the prompts and you will be added to the list immediately.

We want your comments, questions, criticisms, and suggestions. You can send E-mail directly to the Shroud of Turin Website from here. Please include your name, city, state and country in your message so I can get a sense of the diversity of people visiting the site. Please note that from time to time, particularly interesting or informative comments may be published at our discretion on the "Comments From Our Viewers" page of this site. We reserve the right to edit your comments for brevity, clarity and good taste.

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Sadly, it is impossible for me to respond to each letter personally, but I do make every effort to answer as many as I can. If you have a question I will try and answer it or pass it to the appropriate expert. However, be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions page first, as the answer may already be on the website. You might also try using the Website Search Engine found on the Main Menu and Website Library pages. If you wish to submit articles or attach files from your computer directly to the E-mail you send me, first read the additional instructions on the Comments From Our Viewers and the Submission Requirements pages.

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