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This page allows you to explore other sources on the Internet for Shroud of Turin related information and includes an alphabetical listing of links to Shroud related websites and articles. Every site listed has been reviewed for relevance, but inclusion here should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the information or opinions expressed therein, which are solely those of the respective authors. A brief description of each link has been included to assist you in making your selections.


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Alan D. Adler and the Shroud of Turin (Sorry. Site no longer available).

This site has been online for ten years but I just found out about it recently (in 2011). It is a site produced by Alan Adler's daughter, Chris P. Adler and is a beautiful tribute and memorial to her father and his work on the Shroud. It also contains many links to Shroud related papers and articles by Dr. Adler.


A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information, studies, and commentaries.

AMCOR - Amici Chiese d'Oriente (Friends of the Eastern Churches)

AMCOR is an organization which has a program with the Eastern Christian Churches. This association was founded in 2002 and maintains relations on matters concerning the Turin Shroud with many countries where they take copies of the Shroud and hold conferences about it. An excellent English translation of many parts of their new Italian language website can be found at this link: AMCOR.

Arabic Language Shroud Website

Just a reminder to our Arabic speaking friends that the excellent Arabic language Shroud website produced by Farés Melki in Lebanon continues to be updated regularly.

Archdiocese of Turin Website (In Italian, French and English)

This is the official Shroud website and is presented by the Archdiocese of Turin. It was established in January of 1997 and it provides up to date information directly from the source. It is available in Italian, French and English and includes many excellent photographs, as well as other interesting information.

Architecture for the Shroud

This link is to the University of Chicago Press website and a book titled, Architecture for the Shroud by John Beldon Scott. It provides an illustrated introduction to an extensive work on the world famous Guarini Chapel of the Most Holy Shroud in Turin. The 496 page book was released in June 2003 and gives the reader a fascinating, in-depth look at what is without doubt the most important piece of Shroud related architecture in the world. The book is thoroughly researched, lavishly illustrated and includes 16 beautiful color plates and 184 high quality halftones.

Associates for Biblical Research

This site was brought to my attention by John Long, who attended one of my lectures in Baltimore, Maryland recently, and has been writing a series of articles about the Shroud of Turin's earlier history that have been published on the site. This link is to the results page I got when I searched their site for "Shroud of Turin."

Cause of Jesus' Death (Sorry. Site no longer available).

A new website by Joseph W. Bergeron, M.D., to go with an article he has written titled, The crucifixion of Jesus: review of hypothesized mechanisms of death and implications of shock and trauma-induced coagulopathy, which was accepted for publication in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine in July 2011.

Centro Español de Sindonología's (CES) Website (En Español, French & English)

This website covers both the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo, a Spanish artifact believed to be related to the Shroud. It includes an index to "Linteum", the high quality Shroud journal published in the Spanish language by the CES, an overview of EDICES (Equipo de Investigación del C. E. S.)., their research organization for investigating the Sudarium of Oviedo and many other interesting articles related to both relics. This Spanish language website gives many more viewers access to quality information on the Shroud of Turin. Recently, the Centro excerpted the "Special Report on the 1997 Fire" article from this website, translated it into Spanish and put it on their site.

Centro Internazionale de Sindonologia (International Center of Sindonology) Website (In English and Italian)

The International Center of Sindonology of Turin (Italy) was founded in 1959 in order to promote and coordinate, at any level, the research on the Turin Shroud. It is the founder of the "Museum of the Shroud" which collects different types of objects connected to the history of the Shroud and to the scientific researches made on it. The Center publishes the journal SINDON and organizes international congresses on the Shroud.

Centro Mexicano De Sindonologia Website (En Español)

This site is produced by the largest Shroud organization in Mexico. In recent years, they have become active in promoting Shroud research and in providing accurate information to thousands of interested people in Spanish speaking countries. The site has grown substantially since it first went online.

Chinese Translation of Current Anthropology Article

According to William Meacham, this may be the only information about the Shroud available anywhere online in Chinese.

Coast to Coast AM Radio Program with Barrie Schwortz

This is a link to the YouTube version of the Coast to Coast AM radio program that I did on December 17, 2009. During the program I discussed some of the then-recent media claims being made about the Shroud. The program itself was over two hours long so it is broken into shorter segments online. Whoever posted the clips also took the time to illustrate the audio portion of the program with relevant visuals, so it is not just the audio but an excellent visual presentation as well. You will also find links to the other 11 parts of the program on the same page.

Collegamento pro Sindone Home Page (In Italian and English)

This beautiful website includes many photographs of the Cathedral and Chapel, a map of geographical areas related to the Shroud, an illustrated Shroud history, an annotated photographic map of the Shroud, links to other Shroud websites and much more. Created by Maurizio Marinelli, it has grown into a substantial and important website, with the able assistance of fellow Collegamento members Ilona Farkas and Emanuela Marinelli, both noted Shroud researchers and authors. Also, you can visit the "Collegamento pro Sindone" page of this website for more information about the organization and read English translations of articles that originally appeared in Italian in their bi-monthly publication.

The site has been recently expanded to include a link to the Marinelli Collection's listing of Scientific Articles on the Collegamento's website. This list contains hundreds of entries and is an excellent resource for Shroud researchers when used in conjunction with the "Scientific Papers & Articles" and "Shroud Booklist" pages of this website and other information found on the Internet.

I am also proud to report that there is now an Italian Translation of the article I presented at the June 1998 Turin Symposium, "The Role of the Internet In The Future of Shroud Research," as well as an English Version on the Collegamento's site.

Concerning the question of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin: please, don’t forget the evidence of the bloodstains!!!

In this well written blog paper by passionate Canadian Shroud scholar Yannick Clément, the author makes some very salient points regarding the Shroud's authenticity. This article is also available in a French Language Version and was originally published on the SEAM website.

Council for the Study of Shroud of Turin (CSST) Website (Sorry. Site no longer available).

CSST, founded by Dr. Alan Whanger of Duke University, is a nonprofit scientific research and educational organization whose mission is to study, research and publish findings on the Shroud. The CSST website includes Current Findings, the 1988 Carbon-14 Dating and an overview of the research by Dr. and Mrs. Whanger, including the polarized light image overlay technique they developed for image comparisons. The site has recently been expanded to include 15 interactive Quicktime and AVI movies that allow the viewer to download the images and do the overlay comparison on their own computer. The effects are quite dramatic and enlightening, not to mention downright fun! Full instructions are included, along with a link to the site where you can download free Quicktime software if necessary. Also included are a library of twelve still photographs from CSST's research. A "must see" site! (Note: if you get a "busy" message, try again later).

Crucifixion and Shroud Studies

This is the website of the late Dr. Frederick Zugibe, M.D., Ph.D., one of the world's foremost authorities on the effects of crucifixion on the human body and a serious researcher of the Shroud. Dr. Zugibe retired as the Medical Examiner of Rockland County, New York, a post he filled for 34 years. His website provides insights into the forensic research he has completed in over 50 years of study of the Shroud of Turin and crucifixion and presents a number of papers and articles including an overview of forensic and clinical knowledge of the practice of crucifixion. You can also find a number of Dr. Zugibe's papers on the Scientific Papers and Articles page of this website.

Crucifixion and the Shroud

This is the beautiful Shroud website of Chis Knabenshue and his non-profit organization of the same name. A student of the Shroud, Biblical scholar and teacher, Chris is well known for his excellent presentations at various Shroud conferences.

Crucifixion Nail Image Found on Shroud of Turin

Les Fredette, the author of this blog paper, claims he has discovered an image on the Shroud consistent with a nail found in Caiaphas' Tomb. He includes a number of photographs to support his claims. Take a look and decide for yourselves.

CSICOP and the Skeptics: An Overview by George P. Hansen

This is a link to an article by George P. Hansen that takes an in-depth, critical look at the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), an organization that has been particularly vocal in publicly "debunking" the Shroud. One of their most noted members and frequent media spokesman is Joe Nickell, Senior Research Fellow and former stage magician.

Das Volto Santo und das Grabtuch von Turin (The Volto Santo and the Shroud of Turin)

This is a new website about the Veil of Manoppello and the Shroud and was built by Michael Sauer, who lives near Hamburg, Germany . The site is available in both German and English and includes a large gallery of Shroud images as well as considerable content.

Dating the Shroud of Turin

This site was produced in remembrance of the work of late Shroud author Brendan Whiting (1936-2009) and edited by Tim Fromann.

Diploma in Shroud Studies

The Science and Faith Institute of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum (University of Rome) is now offering a diploma in Shroud Studies. Note that some courses are also available via a distance learning program.

Dr. John DeSalvo on the Jeff Rense Radio Show - April 12, 2001 (Link no longer available).

This link to the audio archives of a radio program in which Dr. John DeSalvo appeared on April 12, 2001 is no longer available. Dr. DeSalvo is a long time Shroud researcher and was Contributing Science Editor for Frank Adams' 1982 book "Sindon: A Layman's Guide to the Shroud of Turin." His paper titled, "The Image Formation Process of the Shroud of Turin & Its Similarities to Volckringer Patterns," appeared in the March 1983 issue (#6) of Shroud Spectrum International.

During the program, Dr. DeSalvo made reference to a number of Shroud images which can still be found on his website at the following link: Shroud of Turin Picture Tour.

Earthfiles - Interview with Dr. Alan Adler

This is a link to the website produced by Linda Moulton Howe that includes excerpts from a radio interview she did on May 23, 1999, with the late Dr. Alan Adler, world renowned blood chemistry expert, sindonologist and the only American on the Archbishop of Turin's Scientific Advisory Commission. Dr. Adler was one of the guests on a special three hour Dreamland program she hosted about the Shroud of Turin. The site allows you to listen and download audio files of the interviews, but you must be a subscriber to do so (annual fee of US$45.00). This interview can be found in the Archives section of the website under "The Shroud of Turin - Blood Tests - May 23, 1999."

Earthfiles - Interview with Mark Guscin

This is a link to the website produced by Linda Moulton Howe that includes excerpts from a radio interview she did on June 21, 1999, with English scholar Mark Guscin, member of the Centro Espagnol de Sindonologia in Oviedo, Spain and a recognized expert on the Sudarium. He was one of the guests on a special three hour Dreamland program she hosted about the Shroud of Turin. The site allows you to listen and download audio files of the interviews, but you must be a subscriber to do so (annual fee of US$45.00). This interview can be found in the Archives section of the website under "The Cloth of Oviedo - June 21, 1999."

Earthfiles - Interview with Dr. Thaddeus Trenn, Ph.D.

This is a link to the website produced by Linda Moulton Howe that includes excerpts from a radio interview she did on May 20, 1999, with Dr. Thaddeus Trenn, Ph.D., Director of the Science and Religion Course Program at the University of Toronto, Canada. He was one of the guests on a special three hour Dreamland program she hosted about the Shroud of Turin. The site allows you to listen and download audio files of the interviews, but you must be a subscriber to do so (annual fee of US$45.00). This interview can be found in the Archives section of the website under "The Shroud of Turin - Dematerialization of the Body - May 20, 1999."

Era judío y no pensaba en Dios desde niño, pero la Sábana Santa le condujo a Cristo (En Español)

17 December 2012 Spanish language article about from Our thanks to noted Shroud scholar Rafael de la Piedra in Lima, Peru for bringing this to our attention.

Etude de l'image du Linceul de Turin (Study of the Image of the Shroud of Turin)

The author of this blog, Thierry Castex is a French Engineer and Geophysicist specializing in seismic processing, but with an obvious interest in the Shroud. You will find his latest 3D color processed images and some information about his processing method at this link (mostly in French).

Evidence-Based Faith: An Argument for Christian Belief

From the Editor of the Messiah of website who recently created a link from his site to "I believe that linking to our Evidence-Based Faith page would provide beneficial supplemental information for your visitors. Essentially, we cover a topic your website does not, and you cover a topic we do not, both of which are related to evidence of Jesus Christ."

Experiments About the Generation of the Image on the Shroud of Turin (since 2005)

This is a new web page from the ENEA Excimer Laser Laboratory in Frascati, Italy, devoted exclusively to their Shroud-related works over the past eight years. It includes direct links to all of their papers, a short movie and some recent photos of their experiments.

Fares Melki's Arabic language Shroud website

This link is to the excellent Arabic language Shroud website of Lebanese Shroud scholar Fares Melki.

Holy Shroud Guild Past, Present and Future, The

Founded in 1951 by the late Father Edward Wuenschel, Father Adam Otterbein, Father Peter Rinaldi and Father Francis Filas, this organization and its founders served as STURP's primary liaison to the Shroud's custodians prior to and during the 1978 scientific examination of the Shroud. Dedicated to promoting the devotion and scientific research of the cloth, over the decades the Guild made available a large selection of Shroud books, photographs and other materials. Until its work came to an end in recent years, it was the oldest organization dedicated to the Shroud of Turin in the United States. Now, Georgio Bracaglia has taken on the task of archiving and preserving the Guild's materials and posting many of their excellent resources online.

Holy Face Association Website

This website includes a store where you can purchase the lenticular prints that display either the Shroud Face or the world famous Agemmian painting, depending on the viewing angle. The association is headquartered in Montreal but has addresses in both the U.S. and Canada.

The Holy Shroud of Turin Website

The Holy Shroud of Turin Website has been sponsored for nearly a decade by the Knights of Columbus in Indiana and Michigan and contains a compilation of Shroud information taken from many different internet sources. The organization hosted the original website of Richard Orareo's Museum of the Holy Shroud in Wabash, Indiana. They also have a traveling Shroud exhibit and associated materials that they have been exhibiting throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Ontario for many years.

How Image Enhancement May Explain Past Events

Article reprinted from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's house magazine, "JPL Universe," dated July 5, 1977. Here is an excerpt from the article: "In the "truth is stranger than fiction category" a phone call to NASA's JPL from a member of the Christ Brotherhood in New Mexico, requesting image analysis of a religious relic, has drawn two men from JPL's image processing lab into a fascinating investigation of the famous "Shroud of Turin."

Internal Selvedge in Starched and Dyed Temple Mantle

A preliminary version of this article by A.A.M. van der Hoeven appeared on Dan Porter's Blog. This link is to an updated version on the author's website. It challenges both the invisible reweaving hypothesis and the Maillard reaction hypothesis of Ray Rogers.

Keramion, The

This is the website of Philip E. Dayvault and DATUM ENTERPRISE, LLC. As many of you know, Phil is a former FBI Special Agent and Physical Science Technician, who has followed and studied the Shroud since 1973. In 1994, he co-founded CSST, Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin, and served as its Director for about eight years. The site includes information about his recent book, The Keramion, Lost and Found: A Journey to the Face of God.

Linceul De Turin Website (In French)

This link is to an excellent French language website by Sébastien Cataldo (who co-authored the recent book Le linceul de Turin- Et vous qui dites-vous que je suis? - les dernières découvertes qui pourraient tout changer (The Shroud of Turin- Who am I for you? - The last discoveries which could change everything) with Thibault Heimberger).

Man In The Shroud, The

This is a link to the Man In the Shroud Home Page. The Man in the Shroud Ministries is a non-profit organization founded by David Onysko, a professional educator, who presents lectures on the Shroud. David is also listed on the Shroud Speakers Directory of this site.

Man of the Shroud

This is the Man of the Shroud website, the home page of the museum quality traveling Shroud exhibit that tours throughout Canada each year and is sponsored by the Vancouver Shroud Association (VSA). The website features many photographs of the exhibit, which is available throughout Canada and the northern U.S. Contact the organization directly for booking information.

McCrone Research Institute Shroud of Turin Page

The McCrone Research Institute, founded by Walter McCrone, noted microscopist, has been active in Shroud research for many years. This website provides an overview of the data that led Walter McCrone to conclude that the Shroud of Turin is a painting. It includes images showing sites on the Shroud where the tape samples used for his microscopic analysis were taken from and references to articles published by Walter McCrone and his staff outlining their tests and their conclusions.

MNTV Montre-Nous Ton Visage (Show Us Your Face) Website (In French)

This is an excellent French Language website presented by one of the major Shroud organizations in France. It is devoted to all aspects of Shroud study, including devotional, scientific and historical. They have a variety of audio-visual materials available including a traveling exposition. Memberships are also available.

Museum of the Holy Shroud In Wabash, Indiana

This is a link to the website of Richard Orareo's Museum of the Holy Shroud, originally located in Wabash, Indiana, but moved in 2019 to the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans in Shreveport, Louisiana. The site includes a photographic gallery of many of the materials on display at the museum. When you click on the "Museum" tab, you are able to view nearly one hundred high resolution photographs that I made of Richard's collection back in 1999 at the Richmond Conference. And you can zoom in on each for extremely close up views.

Museum of the Shroud (Museo della Sindone)- Turin, Italy (In Italian, French, English, Spanish, German & Russian)

This link is to the excellent Archdiocese of Turin Official Website. which includes direct links to the Museo Della Sindone section of the site. The Museum is one of the major attractions in Turin and includes many important and historical Shroud artifacts including Secondo Pia's original camera and the silver covered casket the cloth was stored in for hundreds of years. It is the same reliquary that became famous during the dramatic rescue of the Shroud in the April 1997 fire.

New Heaven New Earth Article: The Shroud of Turin

This excellent 1995 article by David Sunfellow of New Heaven New Earth (NHNE) summarizes what is known about the Shroud of Turin in very clear, non-scientific terms. Of particular note is a pathological report on the individual in the Shroud image by Dr. Robert Bucklin, STURP team member, which is encapsulated and quoted in the article. It also includes links to several additional NHNE Shroud articles.

New Vistas Website

This site states its goal is to "explore new vistas of science and spirit" and is the collaborative effort of M. Sue Benford and long-time sindonologist, Joseph G. Marino, former Benedictine monk and Catholic Priest.

The Night of the Holy Shroud (La notte della Sindone) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - Italy ] (2012)

A DVD of the documentary program is available on but only in Region 2 encoding (This DVD will not play on most DVD players sold in the US or Canada [Region 1]. This item requires a region specific or multi-region DVD player and compatible TV). It might be playable on some computers, depending on your drive and software.

Proceedings of the 1986 Hong Kong Shroud Conference:

Once again, William Meacham has provided us with an important historical document in this digital version of the conference program. Scroll down the page a bit and you will find links to each of the articles presented at the conference by such prominent Shroud scholars as Fr. Peter Rinaldi, Ian Wilson, Prof. Luigi Gonella, Dr. Alan Adler, Rex Morgan and of course, William Meacham.

Ray Downing - Fine Art

Link to the website featuring the fine artwork of Ray Downing, producer of the highly regarded Shroud documentary The Real Face of Jesus in 2010.

Razones para creer (Reasons to Believe) (En Español)

Link to the Spanish language blog of noted Shroud scholar Rafael de la Piedra in Lima, Peru.

Religious Studies Resource Guide

Link to a Comprehensive Guide for Students and Teachers of Religious Studies

Right Date for the Wrong Part of the Shroud of Turin, The

This is a link to an article by William Cline, an American who lives and works in Osaka, Japan. I met William at the Columbus, Ohio Shroud Conference in 2008 and this paper is a synthesis of some of the information that was presented there. He consulted with Sue Benford, Joe Marino and Paul Maloney while writing this article, which was published in the journal of the Osaka Jogakuin College, where he works. Also included is a link to an earlier article he wrote in 2007 titled, Is the Shroud of Turin Genuine?

Rogers' Maillard Reaction Hypothesis Explained In Detail by Rogers Himself

French doctor and Shroud researcher Thibault Heimburger wrote and posted this excellent review of Rogers' work on Dan Porter's Blog in August 2012.

Shroud Exhibit and Museum, Inc. (SEAM)

This is the excellent website of Pete Schumacher and his non-profit organization and Shroud exhibit in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Andy Weiss, Pete's webmaster, has developed and posted a variety of PowerPoint presentations on various aspects of the Shroud.

Shroud Exhibit And Museum, Inc. Expanded Search Page:

Andy Weiss, webmaster of Pete Schumacher's excellent SEAM website, has created an expanded search page that allows you to select and search specific Shroud websites using Google. A very useful research tool for scholars and students!

Shroud of Turin Blog by Dan Porter

This is a link to the excellent blog created by Daniel R. Porter. Sadly, he retired the blog on December 31, 2015 but has kept it online so one can still access the archives.

The Shroud of Turin Blog by Stephen E. Jones

Most of you know the name Stephen E. Jones for his enormous efforts over the past several years in scanning back issues of the BSTS Newsletter and Shroud Spectrum International so they can be archived here on this website. Many also know him because of his frequent and thoughtful posts on Dan Porter's Shroud blog. But Stephen also operates his own excellent blog where he provides his own personal, in-depth commentary on Shroud of Turin related matters. Stephen's blog is # 10 on the list of popular Shroud sites.

Shroud of Turin Education Project Websites

This is a link to the website of Russ Breault's Shroud organization. The purpose of the Shroud of Turin Education Project (STEP) is to raise awareness of the Shroud among students from high school to college and beyond. It is the goal of STEP, through lectures, videos, and the website to motivate formal independent research, promote personal inquiry and investigation, encourage the use of science in the quest of religious meaning and stimulate reflection on its philosophical and religious implications.

Russ has expanded the scope of The Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc. by launching two new websites. The first is which offers information on what he does as a lecturer on the subject. The second is, which is dedicated to helping students research the topic and provides ideas on how to incorporate the Shroud into a research paper, presentation, speech or project. Shroud University breaks the subject down into TEN schools of academic study. The most important feature of the new site is that it makes extensive use of new digital media including streaming video, audio, podcasts, PowerPoint slides and more. The inaugural podcast featured Rex Morgan's keynote address from the 2001 Dallas conference. The site links extensively to, and many other sites on the web where good references can be found. The Library is dedicated to the late Albert "Kim" Dreisbach.

If you are an educator and are interested in how you might integrate the study of the Shroud of Turin into your lesson plan or, if you are a student with the goal of writing a report on the Shroud, you should visit these recently updated and redesigned website for ideas. Russ even includes a long list of possible topics for Shroud research projects.

In September 2010, the site was updated to include 20 hours of streaming video with complete coverage of the 1991 Shroud of Turin Symposium held on the campus of St. Louis University on June 22-23, 1991. The program, produced and videotaped by Paul Bershon, boasts a long list of noted Shroud scholars and researchers that include Dr. John Jackson, Rev. Kenneth Stevenson, Dr. Robert Dinegar, Dr. David Mayschak, Bro. Bruno Bonnet-Eymard, Dame Isabel Piczek, Barbara Sullivan, Dr. Daniel Scavone, Dr. Alan Whanger, Mario Moroni, Rex Morgan, Rev. Albert Dreisbach, Dr. W.S.A. Dale, Dr. Phillip Callahan, Frank Tribbe, Paul Maloney and several break out Q&A Sessions.

In late 2010 Russ announced that, "... the entire 1993 Rome Conference featuring 49 separate videos is now online and can be viewed in streaming video free of charge. Many thanks to Paul Bershon for filming it originally and recently encoding for digital. Thanks also to Dan Scavone who translated the Speaker Index from Italian to English. All speakers are in English. Where the original speaker was Italian or French, the translation track was used. My apologies to those in France or Italy who would prefer their native language. You may access this from the home page or directly at This monumental project is part of the education mandate of The Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc."

In January 2015 Russ added two new video archives. The first is for The 2008 Ohio State University Conference and the second for The 2014 St. Louis Conference.

Shroud of Turin Exhibition in the U.K.

This is the website of the beautiful Shroud of Turin Exhibition produced by Pamela Moon in England. The exhibit is mobile and has been shown in a number of important venues over the past few years. (From their website): "This fascinating exhibition, featuring life-sized photographic replicas of the Shroud of Turin was created in 2008, so that the replica of the Shroud could be used as a visual aid to tell the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The exhibition takes the journey of Jesus from his trial through the events of Good Friday to the empty tomb. Utilising passages from the four gospels the exhibition graphically and physically presents all elements of the Crucifixion."

Shroud of Turin For Children

This is the website produced by New Mexico artist Diane Princehouse which she designed to tell the story of the Shroud to younger audiences. In essence, Diane has written and illustrated a children's book and is making it available to everyone for free via her website. You can even request a free copy of the book. This is a great opportunity to introduce the Shroud to your children or grandchildren.

Shroud of Turin, The: Genuine Artifact or Manufactured Relic? (Includes Pray Manuscript illustration)

This is a link to an article by Jack Kilmon that appeared in "The Glyph," the Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America (San Diego). Mr. Kilmon argues in favor of authenticity and offers a comprehensive review of the scientific facts about the Shroud, siting references for many of them. The article includes closeup photographs of the Shroud and an illustration of the entombed and enshrouded Jesus of Nazareth found in a prayer book from Budapest known as the Pray Manuscript. Kilmon states, "The illustration not only depicts the unique "L" pattern of burn holes but also the unique weave pattern of the shroud. There can be no mistake that the Pray Manuscript of 1192 was modeled from the Shroud of Turin." Also included is a link to Mr. Kilmon's artistic interpretation of the Shroud image based on a Shroud photograph: "The Face of the Man in the Shroud."

Shroud of Turin In 3D, The

This link is to the website of Petrus Soons, the researcher responsible for the dramatic holographic images of the Shroud that were originally unveiled at the Ohio Shroud Conference in 2008 and which are now part of the permanent Shroud exhibits in Jerusalem, Rome and Sacramento, California. Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:

"This website summarizes work connected with digitizing Shroud photographs taken by Giuseppe Enrie in 1931, enhancing the digitized images to improve details, translating the enhanced images “gray scale data into depth data”, generating a sequence of up to 625 images of each of these, and combining these images with a Holoprinter to produce holograms (3D images) of the Shroud. It also summarizes my study of these holograms and discovery of heretofore unseen details, which confirm many previous findings and reveal some surprises..."

As is typical with just about any claims regarding the Shroud of Turin, this site has sparked some rather heated debate amongst sindonologists. Some have expressed concerns because the specific process used to "enhance" the original photographs and create the final Shroud holographic images has not been documented in detail and presented in a scientific manner. Others have noted that some level of artistic techniques and retouching were applied in the creation of the final images, thus making it difficult to consider them "research quality" or draw any serious scientific conclusions from them, let alone use them to claim any new discoveries on the Shroud. The real question comes down to whether these holographic images are more the result of science or art, and that issue has yet to be resolved. However, the 3D visual results presented on this website are still dramatic and breathtaking and clearly reveal that unique property of the Shroud's image. Petrus has provided many high quality images, including several anaglyph 3D images (these require a pair of red/cyan 3D glasses for proper viewing) and his slowly rotating video clips of the Shroud in 3D are truly spectacular. As for the scientific validity of the new claims made on the website, you will have to decide that for yourself.

The Shroud of Turin: The Mystery that Science and Technology Will Someday Solve

This article, by Jewish writer Myra Adams, predicts that advances in 3D computer modeling will eventually prove that Jesus was the man depicted on the Shroud. I met Myra at the Shroud Exposition in Turin in 2010 and we had some lively discussions about the Shroud.

Shroud Enigma

This is a link to the website of David Rolfe of Performance Films in the U.K. and his recent film titled, A Grave Injustice. David directed the 1978 BAFTA winning film "The Silent Witness," a 2008 BBC documentary on the Shroud and produced the official film of the 2010 Shroud Exposition in Turin. The 27 minute film is free to watch on David's site.

Sindone Bibliografia indicizzata:

Noted Shroud scholar Paolo Di Lazzaro has found another version of the STURP II 1984 Testing Proposals online, this time in both English and Italian. See pages 13 to 48 of the 186 page document.

"Sindone 2000" Worldwide Congress Website (In Italiano, Français, Español & English)

This is the official website of the "Sindone 2000" Worldwide Congress held August 27, 28 and 29, 2000 in Orvieto, Italy (not to be confused with Oviedo, Spain, where the Sudarium is kept) and includes full details about this important international conference. It was produced in Rome, Italy by Maurizio Marinelli with the English translations provided by his lovely wife, Simona Marinelli.

This link is to the excellent personal website of Shroud researcher Mario Latendresse of the University of Montreal. The website features reviews of Shroud books, papers and conferences along with his newest feature, ShroudScope, where you can examine several large Shroud images and even do measurements on the cloth. An excellent website for serious researchers. Mario also includes a short discussion regarding Mechthild Flury-Lemberg's description of the 1988 c14 sample location and much more. In January 2014 Mario updated the site to include the Mark Evans Collection of photomicrographs taken in 1978 as part of the STURP examination. He has also included the images themselves and important background information (like magnification, source location maps and other data) on the new Photomicrographs page.

St. Louis Conference Official Website

This link was originally to the official website of the St. Louis Conference, The Controversial Intersection of Faith and Science, held October 9 - 12, 2014, in St. Louis, Missouri. All the materials are now archived on at the above link.The List of Presenters included many noted Shroud scholars from around the world.

"STURP II" Testing Proposals 1984-88

William Meacham, Hong Kong based archaeologist and highly respected Shroud scholar, has archived a wealth of important historical information about the STURP team in the 1980's on this web page. He includes links to 1) a Summary of the STURP 1984 testing proposals, 2) the Complete STURP 1984 testing proposals (this is a very large file of 181 pages and 46 MB), 3) the STURP 1987 testing proposals (in 4 parts), 4) correspondence between Steve Lukasic (of STURP) and Meacham and 5) the STURP 1988 testing proposals. Our thanks to Bill for making this valuable information available.

Sudarium Christi

This is a new German website produced by Eva-Maria and Martin Proksch in cooperation with Sister Blandina Paschalis Schlömer. It too features the Veil of Manoppello and was inspired by Paul Badde's recent book "The Face of God." It also includes some very high quality images of the relic itself. The site is currently available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Russian and English..

Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report (JCR)

The quality of peer reviewed journals themselves has been a serious topic of heated debate on the Shroud Science Group and Shroud blogs in recent months. This link is to the Thompson Reuters JCR, which provides critical evaluations of such journals. As stated on their website: "Journal Citation Reports® offers a systematic, objective means to critically evaluate the world's leading journals, with quantifiable, statistical information based on citation data. By compiling articles' cited references, JCR Web helps to measure research influence and impact at the journal and category levels, and shows the relationship between citing and cited journals."

Turin Shroud Center of Colorado Website

This is a link to the excellent website of John and Rebecca Jackson and their Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, which went online October 6, 1997. The site has been recently redesigned and reorganized and includes the latest research by one of the foremost Shroud scholars in the world.

Ukrainian Language Shroud Website (

This is the newest (and only) Ukrainian language website on the Shroud and is produced by Oleksandr Fedoriv of Ivano-Frankivsk city in the Ukraine.

Understanding Art; Misunderstanding Premodern Man; A Review of "The Sign by Thomas De Wesselow

This in depth review of De Wesselow's book by Danusha Goska appears on her blog page and includes a "thoughtful reply" by De Wesselow himself.

Week of Salvation

This is a new English language website by Dr Antoine Agius of Malta. The site is primarily dedicated to Holy Week devotions and features extensive written materials along with fifteen photo galleries each including many images from Dr. Agius' extensive collections. The images are presented in slideshow format and include Passion statues, processions unique to Malta, a large section on the Shroud and much more.

William Meacham Digital Bibliography

This is a bibliography of all the papers and articles available online written by William Meacham in the fields of archaeology and sindonology.


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