The Orvieto Worldwide Conference
"Sindone 2000"

August 27 - 28 - 29, 2000
Palazo del Capitano del Popolo
Orvieto, Italy
"Sindone 2000" Website

Palazo del Capitano del Popolo

On the occasion of the Jubilee year declared by Pope John Paul II for the year 2000, and the Shroud Exhibition that was scheduled in Turin from August 26 to October 22, 2000, an international Shroud conference officially titled Worldwide Congress "Sindone 2000" was held in Orvieto, Italy. The picturesque city, about one hour from Rome, welcomed this meeting which was held in the Palazo del Capitano del Popolo, a beautiful medieval castle set high on an escarpment.

Meeting Room in the Palazo

But it is only medieval on the surface. The castle has been converted to an ultra-modern conference center with a capacity of over 400 people. Readily available is every form of audio visual and video system, a wireless translation system, projection systems, air conditioning and every other comfort necessary for a successful meeting environment.

High technology in the Palazo

And the other buildings in Orvieto are equally spectacular. Most notable is the medieval cathedral or Duomo, covered with amazing mosaic scenes and massive in size, that dominates this beautiful town. I have included a few photographs (courtesy of Emanuela and Maurizo Marinelli) to give viewers an idea of the incredible surroundings this conference offered.


For more information about the Orvieto Worldwide Conference, including a downloadable copy of the official conference program in Italian, Spanish, French and English, visit the "Sindone 2000" Website (this link is to the English language page). Also available (since April 2002) is the three volume printed Proceedings of the conference.

Schedule of Speakers and Topics

©2000 Barrie Schwortz
Sunday, August 27:

Opening of the Congress by Prof. Franco Cardini

Greetings from representatives of various Shroud Centers around the world

Lectio inauguralis by Dr. Orazio Petrosillo

Detail of Mosaics on Duomo
©2000 Barrie Schwortz
Monday, August 28:

A. Acetta: "Nuclear Medicine and Its Relevance to the Shroud of Turin"  (.pdf format) [326k] (15 photos)

R. Basso, G.B. Bianchini, G. Fanti: Compatibility between the digitized body image and a computerized anthropomorphous manikin

P. Dalleur: Heuristic reflections on new radioactive analysis of the Shroud

G. Fanti, S. Faraon: Computer cleaning of the body image of the Man of the Shroud

G. Fanti, M. Moroni: Densitometric comparison among the facial image of the Man of the Shroud and the results of experiments

A. Guerreschi: New elements derived from photographs of two body parts: the wound in the wrist and the right eye

M. Marinelli: Proposals for a permanent commission of study and a databank on the Turin Shroud

J. Marino, M.S. Benford: "Evidence for the Skewing of the C-14 Dating of the Shroud of Turin Due to Repairs"  (.pdf format) [235k] (includes 8 illustrations)

K. Moran: Mapping the Turin Shroud. Body image picture elements

M. Moroni, F. Barbesino, M. Bettinelli: A suggestive hypothesis covering the radiodating results of the Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin

B. Schwortz: "Is The Shroud of Turin a Medieval Photograph? A Critical Examination of the Theory"  (.pdf format) [308k] (illustrated with 7 photographs)

R. Van Haelst: The radiocarbon dating of the Shroud

M. Antonacci: The worldwide awakening of the Shroud

M. Bettinelli, E. Curtoni, M. Moroni, F. Barbesino: Utilization of chemical-physical techniques to study the ageing in linen fibres

V. Golikov: The theoretical analysis of "natural" factors for the organic pollutions capable to make younger the radio-carbon age of the Turin Shroud dating

E. Lindner: The Shroud of Jesus Christ: the "scientific Gospel" to renew the faith in Resurrection

G. Novelli: Some aspects on chemical and chemical-physical research developed on Turin Shroud

J.B. Rinaudo, F. Barbesino, G. Fanit, M. Moroni: Experimental results obtained through protons and neutrons irradiation

G. Fanti, M. Moroni: Proposal for an endoscopic recognition on UV-light for the exclusion of the singeing hypothesis

G. Fanti: Proposal of colorimetric high resolution mapping of the Shroud with scanner

M.C. Van Oosterwyck-Gastuche: Problems related to the unreliability of the radiocarbon dating method. Application to the C-14 dating of the Turin Shroud

Z.W. Wolkowski: Search for the Rosetta stone of teleportation: insights for the next millennium

J.H. Cardos Resende: Jesus' wounds

N. Cinquemani: The wounds on the feet of the Man of the Shroud

A. Whanger: Botanical findings and the Shroud of Turin

Orvieto Conference
©2000 Barrie Schwortz
Tuesday, August 29

L. Boda: The hands of the Man of the Shroud

A. Bontempi: The Shroud and the Marches

B. Conticello: About the Holy Shroud, its relationship with the image of the [Greek Word] and the problematic relative to the phisionomic portrait

M. De Stefano: The Codex Pray. Reflections on what has been written on it

L. Fossati: Comparing Christ's face in the copies with the original one on the Shroud

D. Fulbright: Egyptian Shroud portraits, the Shroud of Turin and Christian iconography

G.D. Guerra: Is the "Volto Santo di Lucca" a copy of the Turin Shroud? A comparison between the two images made by computer?

M. Hesemann: The discovery of the inscription of the cross. The relic of the "titulus crucis" and the Holy Shroud: two silent witnesses of the Passion

L. Manton: Burial customs in the first century Palestine and their relationship to the Turin Shroud

M. Whanger: The impact of the Shroud face on art works in the Middle East in the early centuries A.D.

M.C. Ceruti: The defense of the Gospels' historicity

A. Lombatti: The image of Edessa and its sources: the case of Movses Xorenac'i

D. Duque, C. Barta: the Sindone sample from Constantinople in Toledo (Spain)

J. Lupia: The seamless garment of Christ

J. Markwardt: The Cathar Crucifix: New Evidence of the Shroud's Missing History  (.pdf format) [50k]

D. Scavone: A reply to recent scholarly literature on the historical documents pertaining to the Shroud

G. Zaninotto: Shroud/Mandylion during Constantinople silence (944-1242)

A. Zingale: A devotional route to Turin Sindon from the 19th to the 20th century: Mother Maria Pia Mastena (1881-1951), the foundress of the Congregation of the "Religiose del Santo Volto"

C. Griseri: Holy Shroud iconography in Cuneo area and during the Ligurian exile in 1706

J. Chmiel: Semeiotics of the Turin Shroud

A.R. Dreisbach: Thomas & the Hymn of the Pearl (.pdf format) [181k]

M.A. Flores, A. Orozco Torres: Physical evidences of Christ Resurrection on the Shroud of Turin?

M. Loconsole: the Judaic burial. Correlations between the Judaic sources and the Holy Shroud of Turin

A. Malantrucco: Christ's double death. Interdisciplinary theological research about the causes and the meaning of Christ death

P.H. Wiebe: Design in the Shroud of Turin (.pdf format) [43k]

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