1st International Scientific Congress on the Holy Shroud in Panama
Arquidiócesis de Panamá

30 June 2012 - 1 July 2012
Panama City, Panama

Panama Conference Website (No longer available)

On June 30th and July 1st, 2012, the Arquidiócesis de Panamá sponsored the 1st International Scientific Congress on the Holy Shroud in Panama City, Panama. The unprecedented event resulted in an unprecedented turnout, with the large auditorium nearly full every day. The congress featured speakers from Italy, the USA and Panama, including such notable Shroud scholars as Professor Bruno Barberis, President of the International Center for the Study of the Shroud in Turin, Father Francisco Verar, noted Panamanian Shroud expert, Janice Bennett, author of "Sacred Blood, Sacred Image: The Sudarium of Oviedo" from the USA, Peter Soons, who created the first 3D holograms of the Shroud, from Panama and Barrie Schwortz from the USA. Below you will find a complete chronological listing of the speakers and their topics. We have also included links to some of the excellent papers that were presented and hope to add more in the future. In some cases, we have included the actual PowerPoint presentations shown by the speakers so you can see the images that went with the text of their papers.

Panama Congress

Saturday 30 June 2012
First Session

Bruno Barberis

Second Session

Janice Bennett

Sunday 1 July 2012
First Session

Peter Soons

Second Session

Janice Bennett, Peter Soons, Dalys Soons, Barrie Schwortz and Bruno Barberis enjoying a VIP tour of the Panama Canal

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