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 Shroud of Turin Centers & Organizations

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Joseph Marino who compiled and updated many of the resources originally included on this page. Joseph is a noted Shroud historian and archivist actively dedicated to Shroud research. Sadly, over the years since we first built this page, many of the organizations listed have ended their work, often due to the passing of their founders. We have noted those centers with a ** next to their names, but are keeping them on the list for historical purposes. Since many international centers are included on this page, you may view the list by selecting a country from the Country Navigator Bar or by scrolling through the page conventionally. Use your browser's "back" button to return to the navigator bar.

[Editor's Note: I have done my best to update this page accurately, but some information was just not available to me, particularly for those organizations located outside the U.S.. If you find any errors or can provide any updated information for any of the organizations listed here, please let me know by e-mail and I will get their listings updated promptly. I can use all the help I can get! Thank you!] (Updated January 21, 2023)


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United States

Albany Center Turin Shroud (ACTUS)**

ACTUS provided lectures, slides and motion pictures on the Shroud. It had a large photo exhibit to display and a library open to the general public. The center ended their work when Rodger J. Apple, Founder and Executive Director of the organization, passed away on March 4, 1999.

American Shroud of Turin Association for Research, Inc. (AMSTAR)**

AMSTAR was a multidisciplinary scientific organization formed by a group of veteran American sindonologists to study the Shroud of Turin, with an emphasis on its preservation and conservation. The organization ended their work when Mike Minor, co-founder, Vice-president and General Council, passed away on December 23, 2008.

Ariel Museum of Biblical Archaeology**

The Ariel Museum was a non-denominational, self-supporting teaching and research museum of the Biblical period founded by Dr. Eugenia Nitowski. Their work ended when she passed away on June 14, 2007.

Association of Scientists and Scholars International for the Shroud of Turin, Inc. (ASSIST)**

A consortium of groups and individuals dedicated to the scientific research of the Shroud, ASSIST drew on scholarly expertise from around the world. No longer active, it had nearly 50 members at its peak. The late Paul Maloney was the General Projects Director until his death on August 27, 2018.

Atlanta International Center for Continuing Study of the Shroud of Turin (AICCSST)**

AICCSST was founded by Rev. Albert R. "Kim" Dreisbach to study all aspects of the Shroud. Fr. Dreisbach created the most successful Shroud exhibition ever mounted in the U.S. at the Omni Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia. They ended their work when he passed away on April 29, 2006.

Bible Discoveries Museum and Teaching Center**

The Bible Discoveries Museum and Teaching Center was founded by Shroud scholar, T.V. Oommen. The center officially opened to the public in April 2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The museum displayed prominent discoveries relating to Old Testament and New Testament events and places, such as Noah's Ark, Gomorrah, Mt. Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant and of course, the Shroud of Turin. Their work ended when he passed away on October 30, 2013.

Council For The Study of the Shroud of Turin (CSST)**

CSST was established in 1994 by long time Shroud researchers Dr. Alan and Mrs. Mary Whanger, as a scientific research and educational nonprofit organization to study, research and publish findings on the Shroud and other Relics of the Passion, and to disseminate this knowledge and promote general awareness. The organization ended with the passing of Dr. Whanger on October 21, 2017.

Face to Face**

This group promoted the Shroud through prayer, slide lectures, etc., and helped sponsor a conference in St. Louis in June 1991. For many years they offered a book that included all the papers presented at the conference. The organization ended their work with the passing of their founder, John Schulte, in 2020.

The Garden Tomb Shroud Center**

This center opened its doors to the public on February 21, 2004. It was sponsored and presented by the Believers Christian Fellowship of Smithson Valley, a non-denominational Christian Church in the Texas Hill Country, north of San Antonio. The center had both ventral and dorsal lifesize, backlit transparencies of the Shroud on display and viewing was available by request or after any worship service. Since their website is no longer available, I must also assume the exhibit is no longer on display.

Holy Face Monastery

This monastery is dedicated to the Holy Face and has a small gift shop that offers books, pictures, medals, leaflets and cards. It also has a permanent display of photographs and related artifacts on the Shroud. The gift shop is open on the weekends only with Shroud related materials from the Holy Shroud Guild and other sources. For more information contact:

Holy Face Monastery
1697 Route S-3
P.O. Box 691
Clifton, New Jersey 07012 USA
Tel: 973-778-1177

The Holy Shroud Center**

This center produced a large Shroud photographic exhibit based on the work of Msgr. Ricci, which was made available for churches and organizations to display. The center was founded by Richard and Gerry Degraff, Executive Directors, and has ceased operations due to Richard's retirement.

Holy Shroud Committee of Boston**

This organization was chaired by Richard Orareo, long time owner and curator of the Boston Collection of Shroud Art. In 2013 Richard moved his collection to Wabash, Indiana and opened the Museum of the Holy Shroud. In 2018 the collection was moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, under the care of St. John Berchmans Cathedral (see their listing below) and Richard retired to Florida.

The Holy Shroud Guild

Founded in 1951 by Fr. Peter Rinaldi, Fr. Adam Otterbein and Fr. Edward Wuenschel, and later joined by Fr. Francis Filas, this organization and its founders were instrumental in helping STURP obtain permission to perform the 1978 scientific examination of the Shroud. Dedicated to promoting the devotion and scientific research of the cloth, the Guild made available a large selection of Shroud books, photographs and other materials. In the last years of his life, Fr. Otterbein worked with Giorgio Bracaglia to inventory and manage the Guild's materials. After Fr. Otterbein's death on June 9, 1998, Giorgio continued the work and has been digitally archiving the important materials in the collections and making them available on the internet via his website: The Holy Shroud Guild.

Holy Shroud Shrine

The late Fr. Peter Rinaldi, co-founder and former Vice President of the Holy Shroud Guild, built a Shrine of the Holy Shroud in the Corpus Christi Church, St. John Bosco Parish, Port Chester, New York. The Shrine is usually open to the public on Sundays while Mass is being held. Prospective visitors are advised to call the rectory of Saint John Bosco parish first to confirm the hours that the shrine will be open to the public.

Holy Shroud Shrine
Corpus Christi Church
136 South Regent Street
Port Chester, New York 10573 USA
Website: St. John Bosco Parish
Tel: (914) 881-1400

Holy Shroud Society**

This group was a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and veneration of the Shroud of Turin. Its goals were to increase and share knowledge about the Shroud, serve as a gathering place for those interested in the Shroud and promote its veneration. Members had access to books, exhibit materials, etc. The organization sponsored a Shroud of Turin Exhibit at Holy Cross College in August of 1995. Bart M. Saucelo, M.D., founder of the organization, died on January 1, 2014 and the work ended after his passing.

Holy Shroud Task Force of St. Louis, Inc.**

This organization was founded at St. Louis University on June 23, 1991 by Rev. Aram Berard, S.J., and promoted further research on the Shroud. Their work ended after Fr. Berard passed away on November 9, 2008.

Imago Christi, A Shroud Interest Group, Inc.**

This group's purpose was the "research, study and dissemination of information on the Shroud." Memberships and informational material included audio-visuals, tapes and slides. Their resources included a full size photographic positive of the Shroud by Giuseppe Enrie. Mount Angel Abbey (Saint Benedict, Oregon) is a tourist attraction and hosted a Shroud Conference (Seminar) in December 1994. The organization ended its work with the passing of their Founder and Director, Dr. Michelina LeMargie.

Indiana Center for Shroud Studies**

This center was founded by Dorothy Crispino and published "Shroud Spectrum International", a quarterly journal that printed articles and research papers on the Shroud, including translations of papers published in other languages. This high quality journal was the first peer reviewed English language publication dedicated exclusively to Shroud research. It stopped publication in 1993 and Dorothy retired and moved to Cavour, Italy. Prior to her passing on August 16, 2014, she gave STERA, Inc. written permission to reprint the entire archive of Shroud Spectrum International on this website. In 2013 we began reprinting the back issues of the journal itself and all 42 issues are now available on this site in their entirety.

The Man in the Shroud Committee of Amarillo**

Founded in 1985 by the Rev. Aram Berard, S.J., this was an ecumenical group of clergy and lay people. They had an exact replica of the Shroud by Vern Miller on display at the Central Library of Amarillo. The members gave slide presentations on request to any group in the Texas Panhandle. This center ended its work upon Fr. Berard's death on November 9, 2008.

Museum of the Holy Shroud

Formerly known as the Holy Shroud Committee of Boston, this organization was founded by Richard Orareo, long time owner and curator of the Boston Collection of Shroud art. In 2013 Richard moved his collection to Wabash, Indiana and opened the Museum of the Holy Shroud, a non denominational display of historical artifacts depicting the Shroud of Turin through literature, art and theology. In 2018 the collection was moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, under the care of St. John Berchmans Cathedral.

Museum of the Holy Shroud
Cathedral of St. John Berchmans
939 Jordan St.
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101
Phone: 318-221-5296

National Museum of Funeral History

The National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas has created a permanent Shroud exhibit titled, The Most Famous Burial of All Time: The Shroud of Turin that opens to the public on April 27, 2023. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a replica of the Holy Shroud printed on linen that was produced using authentic first century techniques and gifted to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston by the Center for International Shroud Studies in Turin, Italy. The exhibit also boasts some artifacts from the 1978 scientific examination of the Shroud by the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) team. The exhibit traces the known history of the Shroud and explores the many scientific investigations of the ancient cloth. Additionally, visitors will learn about the sufferings of the “man of the Shroud” and how those correspond to the Gospel accounts of the wounds inflicted on Jesus of Nazareth. As befits its setting in a funeral museum, the exhibit illustrates how the Shroud of Turin is consistent with known First Century Jewish burial practices.

National Museum of Funeral History
415 Barren Springs Drive
Houston, TX 77090
Phone: 281-876-3063

Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation

This organization was created by Mark Antonacci, who has, along with his colleague, retired physicist Art Lind, continued new research into the Shroud and its significance. As stated on their website:

"We live at a unique moment in history. With the advancement of modern scientific technology this and future generations can benefit in numerous ways that previous generations could only dream of..."

Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation
122 South Central Avenue
Eureka, Missouri 63025
Tel: (636) 938-3708
Website: Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation

St. Brendan the Navigator Shroud of Turin Exhibit "A Story of Hope"

St. Brendan the Navigator in Cumming, Georgia is the home of a small Shroud of Turin Exhibit. They have a Shroud Room that includes both ventral and dorsal negative images of the Shroud as photographed by Barrie Schwortz of the Shroud of Turin Research Project. (STURP). The Shroud Images may be viewed anytime the church is open and via prearranged tours by contacting the church office. Short tours are provided for anyone interested. They can accommodate up to 15 people at a time with a walk-through tour using story boards and replica exhibits, and of course, a certified replica of the shroud. Contact the church office for details and to arrange a date for your group's visit. Tour guides have been designated and are available to give tours or a self-guided tour is an option also.

Fr. Mathew VanSmoorenburg, Pastor
St. Brendan the Navigator Catholic Church
4633 Shiloh Road Cumming, GA 30040
Office Phone: 770-205-7969

Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery

In 1999, the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Alabama, acquired a permanent exhibit of full-size backlit images of the Shroud of Turin. The images are located in the anteroom of the Shrine's Lower Church. The images were produced from the high-resolution photographs made in 1978 by Barrie M. Schwortz, documenting photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project. On display are two color positives and two black and white negatives of the Shroud, each 8 ft high and 4 ft wide. To facilitate viewing, the Shroud images at the Shrine are displayed so that the image of the crucified man can be seen standing upright.

The Shrine is open daily to the public from 6AM to 6PM. The Daily Conventual Mass of the Nuns is at 7:00AM with Priests available to hear Confession after Mass. The Nuns chant the Liturgy of the Hours at 6AM, 11:30AM, and 5PM. Pilgrimages are available for groups of 10 or more and individuals are welcome to join in. The Shrine is located about 6 miles from the intersection of Hwy. 91 and Hwy.31 at 3224 County Road 548, Hanceville, AL 3507. Phone: 256-787-4121. For more information visit their website at

Shroud Center of Southern California

Founded by Dr. August Accetta and originally opened on May 19th, 1996, the Shroud Center of Southern California provides accurate information on the Shroud and promotes further scientific research of the cloth. It houses an exhibit that includes life-size, back-lit color and black & white transparencies of the Shroud made from the 1978 photographs. Originally located in Huntington Beach, it was moved to Fountain Valley and ultimately to the Santiago Retreat Center, where it currently resides.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the center at:

Shroud Center of Southern California
Santiago Retreat Center
7912 Baker Canyon Road
Silverado, California 92676

Shroud Codes (formerly The New York Shroud of Turin Society)

The New York Shroud of Turin Society was originally formed in 2001 by John R. Watts and renamed Shroud Codes in 2014. You can read more about John's discovery of hidden codes in the Bible that refer to the Shroud of Turin on his website at:

Shroud Exhibit and Museum, Inc.

This center was founded in 2009 in Alamagordo, New Mexico, by noted Shroud scholar Pete Schumacher, a name very well known to most Shroud researchers as the expert on the VP-8 Image Analyzer. Visitors can study a lifesize backlit color transparency of the Shroud, view dramatic 3-D images of the Shroud, see a real time demonstration of the VP-8 Image analyzer and much more. Pete retired in 2017 and the new Director is Pete's long time colleague, Andy Weiss.

The Exhibit can be reached at:

Shroud Exhibit and Museum, Inc.
923 New York Avenue
Alamogordo, NM 88310
Phone: (575) 415-5206
Hours of Operation: Contact the Museum for their current operating schedule.

Shroud of Turin Center - Richmond, Virginia

On June 21st, 1997 the Shroud of Turin Center opened at Mary Mother of the Church Abbey in Richmond, Virginia. The opening was keynoted by a day-long presentation by Dr. John Jackson and his wife Rebecca. The Center has two goals: research and education. Historical research focuses on manuscripts and art of the first thousand years after the crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, scientific research on the problem of image formation and archaeological research on the late second-Temple period. The educational purpose of the Center is to inform, educate and inspire an ever-widening audience. To that end, they organized and sponsored a major International Shroud Conference in June 1999.

The Center can be reached at:

Shroud of Turin Center
Suite 37
Mary Mother of the Church Abbey
12617 River Road
Richmond, VA 23233-6139
Phone: (804) 784-3366
Bryan Walsh
Executive Director

Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association, Inc. (STERA, Inc.)

Founded in 2009 by Barrie M. Schwortz, this non-profit organization currently publishes this website and has the collections of a number of STURP team members and Shroud scholars in its care, including the materials of Barrie Schwortz, Ray Rogers, Bob Dinegar, Mark Evans, Bill Mottern and the Rev. Albert "Kim" Dreisbach, Jr. For more information contact:

1094 Highland Meadows Drive
Florissant, CO 80816-8818
Phone: 719-689-2217
Barrie Schwortz, President

Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc. (STURP)**

This was the organization formed by the group of scientists that performed the 1978 scientific examination of the Shroud. Although the organization itself was officially dissolved in October 1996, many individual members still are actively involved in Shroud research.

Shroud of Turin Study Center

Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Brighton, Michigan is the home of a small Shroud of Turin Study Center. They have a Shroud Room that includes both ventral and dorsal negative images of the Shroud as photographed by Barrie Schwortz of the Shroud of Turin Research Project. (STURP). The Shroud Images may be viewed 9-4 pm, Monday through Saturday. Short lectures are provided for anyone interested. They have the capacity to talk to about 15 people at a time with a lecture and video presentation. Call their office for details and to arrange a date for your group's visit.

Fr. John Rocus, Pastor
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
9565 Musch Rd.
Brighton, MI 48116
Shroud Room web page

Shroud Sources**

This organization published a bi-monthly newsletter of the same name, containing news, articles, etc. Jim Fanning was the editor. I have no other information about them at this time.

The Turin Shroud Center of Colorado

A center for Shroud research and information directed by Dr. John P. Jackson, co-founder of the Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc., and his wife Rebecca. Visit The Turin Shroud Center of Colorado Website which went online October 6, 1997.

Turin Shroud Center of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO., USA
There is a small permanent exhibit in the narthex of Saint Gabriel the Archangel Church open during Church hours:
Website: SGA (
8755 Scarborough Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
There is a full presentation facility at Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church available by appointment only. Contact:
Website: OLP (
11020 Teachout Rd
Black Forest, CO 80908

Who Is The Man Of The Shroud? Permanent Exhibit

On Saturday, February 27, 2010, a permanent exhibit titled Who is the Man of the Shroud? opened at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Sacramento, California. Founded by the Legionaries of Christ, this was the third permanent Shroud exhibit the order had established. The first, the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, was opened in Jerusalem in 2006 (which I have reported on previously) and the second at the University of Rome. Plans are to continue to open similar exhibits in other countries around the world. Each exhibit includes a lifesize replica of the Shroud, two lifesize holographic images by Petrus Soons showing the three dimensional characteristics of the Shroud image, replicas of the instruments of the crucifixion and a beautiful, lifesize bronze sculpture of the man of the Shroud by Luigi Mattei. UPDATE: On October 7, 2022 the exhibit was moved to a new, permanent location in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is their new contact information:

Who Is The Man Of The Shroud?
St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church
530 Elizabeth St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Tel: (734)-761-8606


Centro De Estudio Y Difusion De La Santa Sindon

For more information, write to Professor Antonio Lagares, Chairman, at:

Centro de Estudio Y Difusion de la Santa Sindon
Reconquista 1011
1003 Buenos Aires

CILT Argentina

This organization began in 2001 by creating a Spanish language summary of 100 years of Shroud research. For more information contact Eduardo Lagos, the organization's Director, at:

Juan F. Olmos 36-p.b.
Buenos Aires, C.P. 1407


South East Asia Research Centre for the Holy Shroud (SEARCH)**

This organization was founded by Rex Morgan, who published the newsletter "Shroud News", for 21 years (from September 1980 until December 2001) and offered a wide variety of photographs, videos and other materials. He also sponsored the Brooks Shroud Photographic Exhibit which he toured through Australia and Asia in the 1980's. Now retired, in 2015 Rex gave STERA, Inc. written permission to digitize and archive the entire Shroud News collection here on


Brazilian Association of Sindonology

Current status is unknown. For more information, contact Dr. Walter Gonzalez, President, at:

Inpe-Caxia Postal 515
12201 Sao Jose dos Campos
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Centre Canadien De Sindonologie

This center invites correspondence or visits from interested persons. Current status is unknown. Write or call for more information:

Centre Canadien De Sindonologie
131 58e Avenue
Laval, Quebec H7V 2A5
Tel: (514) 681-2462

Holy Face Association

This center has an excellent website and offers a wide range of Shroud related materials, including the lenticular images that show both the Shroud face and the famous Aggemian painting, depending on the viewing angle. Write, call or visit their website for more information.

Holy Face Association
P.O. Box 1000, Station A
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3C 2W9

They also have an address in the U.S.:

P.O. Box 821
Champlain, NY, USA 12919-0821
ph 514-747-0357
fx 514-747-9147

Vancouver Shroud Association

This organization has produced an excellent traveling Shroud Exhibit which they regularly display in Vancouver, as well as elsewhere in Canada and the U.S. The exhibit, titled “The Man of the Shroud,” has been organized by a group of clergy and laity in Vancouver, British Columbia. Coordinated with the professional assistance of Meagan Kus, curator of the White Rock Museum, it consists of a series professionally-prepared documentary museum boards; a collection of recreated artifacts of Christ’s Passion; and an actual-size photographic reproduction of the Turin Shroud. The exhibit may be complimented with an international lecture series featuring some of the world’s leading authorities in Sindonology. Visit their website for more information.

Vancouver Shroud Association
Attn: Carolyn Wharton
47 - 20821 Fraser Hwy., Ste. 461
Langley, BC V3A 4G7


British Society for the Turin Shroud

A forum for individuals from all walks of life sharing an interest in the Shroud of Turin. Members include well known Shroud researchers and authors. The BSTS publishes a newsletter two or three times per year which is available via subscription through their website at

Michael Kowalski, Editor
BSTS Newsletter

Circulation Managers
Stuart and Brenda Benton

BSTS Facebook Page



This group sponsored the international symposiums in Paris in 1989, in Rome in 1993, in Nice in 1997 and again in Paris in 2002. Papers from these symposia are available, along with a newsletter (in French and English). For more information write to:

50 Avenu des Ternes,
75017 Paris

Montre-Nous Ton Visage (Show Us Your Face)

This organization is devoted to all aspects of Shroud study, including devotional, scientific and historical. They have a variety of audio-visual materials available including a traveling exposition. Write for a list of materials available. Memberships are also available.

Montre-Nous Ton Visage
3. rue Beaugrenelle
75015, Paris

Visit the Montre-Nous Ton Visage Website, presented in the French Language.


Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

The Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center opened to the public a beautiful and permanent Exhibition of the Holy Shroud in July of 2006. The Center's excellent website includes photographs of the exhibition, contact information, hours of operation and more.

Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center
Opp. New Gate-Old City
Paratrooper's Road # 3
P.O. Box. 20531
Jerusalem 91204
Tel: + 972 02 6279111
Fax: 02-627-1995


AMCOR - Amici Chiese d'Oriente (Friends of the Eastern Churches)

AMCOR is an organization which has a program with the Eastern Christian Churches. This association was founded in 2002 and maintains relations on matters concerning the Turin Shroud with many countries where they take copies of the Shroud and hold conferences about it. An excellent English translation of many parts of their new Italian language website can be found at this link: AMCOR.

Associazione AMCOR - Onlus - Amici Chiese d'Oriente
Sede Legale c/o Studio Rossi Commercialisti - M. d'Azeglio, 30 - 10125 TORINO
Tel: 011 8190576 - Fax 011.8190401

Centro di Sindonologia del Caravita

This center organizes instructional conferences on Sindonology with major Italian groups and publishes the Italian language journal "Il Telo" Giornale Italiano di Sindonologia (Italian Journal of Sindonology). For more information contact:

Dr. Alberto Di Giglio, President
Centro di Sindonologia del Caravita
Via del Collegio Romano, 3
00186 Rome, Italy
Tel: 39 6 69941948
Fax: 39 6 8548356

Centro Diocesano di Sindonologia "Giulio Ricci"

This organization, originally named the Centro Romano di Sindonologia, was founded by Mons. Giulio Ricci, one of the world's leading authorities on the Shroud. It was renamed in his honor after his death in February 1995. The center offers books, slides, etc. President of the Centro is Padre Simone Maria Fioraso and the Secretary is Sir Antonio Cassanelli. For more information contact:

Centro Diocesano di Sindonologia "Giulio Ricci"
Basilica di S. Croce in Gerusalemme
Piazza S. Croce in Gerusalemme, 12 - 00185
Roma, Italy
Tel: 06/7014769 - 7029272
Fax: 06/7014460
or via e-mail to:
Roberto Falcinelli
Centro member

Centro Internazionale Studi sulla Sindone (CISS) (Formerly known as Centro Internazionale di Sindonologia)

This is the Official Shroud Organization in Turin. Among their many responsibilities are continuing the research on the Shroud and advising the Archbishop on Shroud matters, along with managing the important Sindone Museo (Shroud Museum), which houses the largest Shroud collection in the world. They also produce and publish the Official Shroud Website. For many years they also published the important Italian language Shroud journal Sindon, the official journal of Shroud studies and professional Sindonologists. The subscription-only journal started in October 1959 and ceased publication after printing its final issue in December 2003. In 2020 they published their first Digital Online Edition of Sindon in both Italian and English and began the task of digitizing their earlier Italian language issues as well, which are also now available on the same page with the new digital issues. For more information, visit their extensive website.

Centro Internazionale Studi sulla Sindone
Via San Domenico 28
10122 Torino (Turin)

Collegamento Pro Sindone

This group offers a newsletter with excellent articles in Italian. Selected articles have been translated into English and can be found on the "Collegamento pro Sindone" page of this website. Prof. Fr. Gilberto Frigo, OFM, is the editor. Also available is a large library of books and articles.

Collegamento Pro Sindone
Via dei Brusati 84
00163 Roma
Tel: +39-06-66160914
Fax: +39-06-5681853
Internet Contact: Maurizio Marinelli
Also be sure to visit the Collegamento pro Sindone Website.

Museum of the Shroud (Museo della Sindone)

Since the next public exhibition of the Shroud itself is not expected until 2025, the excellent Museum of the Shroud in Turin (managed by the Centro Internazionale Studi sulla Sindone - CISS - See their listing above) is an excellent resource of important Shroud materials and photographs and should be considered a "must see" for anyone visiting Turin in the interim. It is only a few blocks away and a perfect compliment to a visit to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, where the Shroud is permanently stored. The Museum contains many historical Shroud related artifacts, including the silver casket that served as the Shroud's reliquary for hundreds of years. It also includes some of the historic, early photographs of the Shroud, including the original photographs made by Secondo Pia in 1898 and Giuseppe Enrie in 1931. The Museum houses the largest Shroud collection in the world, including Pia's camera, countless Shroud related historical artworks and much more.

Museum of the Shroud (Museo della Sindone)
Via San Domenico, 28
10121 Torino, TO
Telephone: +39 011 4365832
Website: (In English)


Centro Mexicano De Sindonologia

This organization, founded in 1983 by Cardinal Ernesto Corripio Ahumada, publishes a semi-annual Spanish language newsletter, "Sindone", the Boletin Del Centro Mexicano de Sindonologia, and holds monthly conferences on different themes related to Shroud studies. Back issues of CMS Sindone Boletin, from June 1983 to April 1992, have recently been digitized by Dr. Julio Lopez Morales (Founding Partner of CMS) and are now archived here on The current president of the Center is Adolfo Orozco Torres. For more information contact:

Centro Mexicano De Sindonologia
Durango 90, 9o piso.
06700 Mexico, D.F.
Website: Centro Mexicano De Sindonologia


Centro Panamericano de Sindonología - CPS

Since 2005, after our first Shroud exposition, we have been making the Shroud known to other places and countries in South America. This also includes scholars and expertise studies in America and Europe. For more information contact:

Erwin Scheuch
Centro Panamericano de Sindonología


Centro Português de Sindonologia e do Estudos das Relíquias da Paixão de Cristo (Portuguese Centre for the Studies of the Shroud and the Relics of the Passion of Christ)

This Center was founded in the 1980's by Dr. Lagrifa Fernandes. On November 20, 2010, the organization sponsored its second national Shroud conference in Fátima, Portugal, titled "Encontro de Estudo e Reflexão sobre o Santo Sudário" (Encounter for Study and Meditation on the Holy Shroud). For further information you can contact Centro Secretary, Maria da Glóra Moreira at:

Centro Português de Sindonologia
Rua Manuel F. Araujo 529 2º E
4425-120 Águas Santas-Maia
Tel.: +35 1963428355
Website: Centro Português de Sindonologia Website and Blog (In Portuguese)


Centro Español de Sindonología (C.E.S.)

This Centro produces the fine journal "Linteum," an attractive, large-sized publication that includes articles, news and copies of newspaper articles on the Shroud. Their research on the Shroud and Sudarium of Oviedo is highly respected and recognized worldwide. Contact Jorge Manuel Rodríguez Almenar, President, for more details:

Centro Español de Sindonología (C.E.S.)
Calle de la Barcelonina, 3-4ª
46002 Valencia
Tel./Fax.: +34-963202922
Website: Centro Español de Sindonología's (CES) Website (En Español)


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