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 Reflections On The Shroud

People from all walks of life have devoted their time and efforts to researching, investigating, experimenting on and writing about the Shroud of Turin. STERA Inc. thought it would be worthwhile to have a page on the website where those who have devoted themselves to understanding the Shroud can express their personal stories and reflect on how the Shroud has impacted their lives. Rather than asking each person to write a story, we opted to use a questionnaire as a platform for these reflections. Below are the responses we have received thus far from the diverse group of scientists, historians, writers, and religious figures who were contacted to participate.

I would like to thank Laura Clark for conceiving and designing the questionnaire and Joe Marino for organizing everything and sending out the forms to the sindonologists on his extensive mailing list. Without their efforts this page would not exist. Most importantly, I would like to thank each of you who took the time to express your personal reflections on the Shroud of Turin and share them with us on this website.

Barrie Schwortz

If you have been invited to participate, received your questionaire and have not yet returned it, please do so and we will include your Reflections in a future update. If you are a Shroud scholar or researcher and have not received a questionaire, please contact Joe Marino and he will send you a copy by e-mail.

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