1996 Website News

These are the items that were included on the "Late Breaking Website News" page in 1996. Each article carries the posting date indicating when it was first uploaded. You should find this an interesting look at the history and evolution of this website.

Holiday Greetings from the Shroud of Turin Website!

I would like to take this opportunity to send all of you my warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I would also like to thank you all for your continued participation and support. I will be on vacation for about two weeks and will return after the first week of January, so please check the website after the holidays. Many new additions are planned for the coming year. And if you've sent me e-mail recently and have yet to receive an answer, please be patient. I have literally been overwhelmed with mail during the past six weeks and I'm still about two weeks behind in answering. Your patience is truly appreciated. Happy Holidays!

Barrie Schwortz
Posted December 23, 1996

Web Page Is Renamed and Enlarged!

The "Latest Shroud News" page of the website has been expanded and renamed the "Shroud Expositions" page. The page already included information about the two upcoming Shroud exhibitions in 1998 and 2000. Just added is a new segment that describes the 1978 exhibition and provides you with an overview of the event. Several new photographs of the 1978 Exposition have also been included.

Posted December 18, 1996

The BSTS Newsletter Issue #44 Is Here!

The "British Society for the Turin Shroud" page has been updated to include the November/December 1996 Issue of the BSTS Newsletter. This is currently a text only version, but illustrations will soon be added to this and the previous issue of the newsletter (#43) as well. Particularly noteworthy in this new issue is Ian Wilson's overview of the 1996 Esopus meeting, where he was one of the speakers. In it he shares his perspective on "one of the most congenial Shroud gatherings of recent years". The issue also includes articles on hitherto unknown Shroud-related images, reviews of recent Shroud books and articles, information on the current preparations in Turin for the 1998 Exposition, a "Calendar of the Shroud for the years 1509-1694" and much more.

Posted December 5, 1996

Website Navigation Made Easier!

This website continues to grow and more information is added weekly. Many of the pages have gotten very long and viewing them now requires a considerable amount of scrolling. I recently added a "Table of Contents" to the "Obtain Shroud Materials" page to increase the speed and efficiency of finding the information there (see the article below, posted December 1, 1996). To minimize the need for extensive scrolling and make the remaining pages easier to use, new Navigator Bars have been added to the "Shroud Booklist", "Shroud Centers & Organizations" and "Index to Shroud Spectrum International" pages. Now you can look up books alphabetically, find Shroud Centers by country and review Shroud Spectrum International Tables of Contents by issue number. Also, a "go-to-the-top-of-the-page" button has been added to the Navigator Bar at the bottom of each main page. These improvements should make finding and viewing the information on this website a far more simple and efficient task.

Posted December 4, 1996

JavaScript Problems?

I have had several reports of JavaScript error messages occuring while viewing the "Main Menu" page of this website. The problem seems to be only on Macintosh Systems, yet many viewers with Macs report no problems. If you are having problems with error messages, whether on a Mac or PC, please send me e-mail to errors@shroud.com. Include a full description of the error and your computer system (Mac model number, System #, etc.) and I will try and get the problem resolved quickly. In the interim, if you are having problems, I apologize for the inconvenience. It will be corrected shortly.

Posted December 4, 1996

Are You Waiting For An Answer?

In the last month or so, I have gotten behind in answering the e-mail you send to this website. I am almost two weeks behind at the moment and apologize if you have written and are still waiting for an answer. I have always answered every e-mail personally (I hate form letters) and as promptly as possible, and intend to continue to do so in the future, but at this moment in time, it may take as long as three weeks for an answer. This condition is only temporary and your patience would truly be appreciated. Thank you for your continued interest and participation.

Posted December 1, 1996

New References Added!

Three additional references to STURP-related refereed papers have been added to the "Bibliography of STURP Published Papers" (accessible from the "1978 Scientific Examination" page of this website), courtesy of Larry Schwalbe of Los Alamos National Laboratory, a respected particle physicist and former STURP team member. I am delighted to have Larry's participation in this website and look forward to future contributions from him.

Posted December 1, 1996

Obtain Shroud Materials Page Updated & Improved!

The "Obtain Shroud Materials" page has been updated to include the U.S. distributor of Dr. Harry Gove's book, "Relic, Icon or Hoax? Dating the Turin Shroud" (see the article dated October 25, 1996, below). This should make ordering much more convenient for our North American viewers. Also, since the "Obtain Shroud Materials" page has grown substantially since it was first created, I have added a Table of Contents listing at the top that allows you to jump to specific sections of the page via direct links. This should make accessing the different information on the page much faster and simpler and eliminate the need for scrolling through large sections of information to get to the area you wish to view.

Posted December 1, 1996

New Article Added!

A new article, "The Shroud Chapel is Three Hundred Years Old", has been translated into English and added to the "Collegamento pro Sindone" page of this website. Written by Emanuela Marinelli, noted Shroud researcher and author, and originally published in the September/October 1994 Issue of Collegamento pro Sindone, it describes the history, design and construction of the Shroud Chapel, a beautiful domed masterpiece of art and architecture. Included is a color photograph of the Chapel showing the black marble altar in which the Shroud is kept.

Posted November 20, 1996

Another Presentation Added!

The Abstract for "Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and the Turin Shroud", a presentation made at the recent Holy Shroud Guild Conference by Professor Daniel Scavone, has been added to the "1996 Esopus Conference" page of this website. It presents a brief overview of his fascinating premise that the burial shroud of Jesus was the original object underlying the legends of the Holy Grail. Professor Scavone is a noted historian, Shroud researcher and author whose detailed paper on this subject is soon to be published in a professional journal.

Posted November 20, 1996

IMPORTANT PRESS RELEASE: New Scientific Organization Created!

I am deeply honored that this website was chosen to make the first public announcement of the birth of this new research group. Without question, it opens a new chapter in the study of the Shroud of Turin.

A multidisciplinary scientific organization was recently formed by a group of veteran American sindonologists to study the Shroud of Turin with an emphasis on its preservation and conservation

The members of the American Shroud of Turin Association for Research, Inc., known as AMSTAR, have expertise in nuclear physics, chemistry, particle physics, blood chemistry, art technology, imaging, medicine, forensic pathology, paint chemistry and art history. Experts in other fields will be consulted as needed.

The members of the Board of AMSTAR are:
Dr. Alan Adler, Dr. Robert Bucklin, M.D., J.D., Donald Lynn, Isabel Piczek and Thomas F. D'Muhala, who also serves as President. The Vice President and General Counsel is Michael Minor.

It is AMSTAR's hope and desire to cooperate with all other bona fide scientific Shroud Organizations in connection with the study and conservation of Christendom's most important artifact, which is also a scientific singularity.

Posted November 12, 1996

Link to Spanish Website Added!

A direct link to the Centro Español de Sindonología's (CES) excellent new Website has been added to the "Links To More Information" page of this website. The website covers both the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo, a Spanish artifact believed to be related to the Shroud. It includes an index to "Linteum", the high quality Shroud journal published in the Spanish language by the CES, an overview of EDICES (Equipo de Investigación del C. E. S.)., their research organization for investigating the Sudarium of Oviedo and many other interesting articles related to both relics. This Spanish language website gives many more viewers access to quality information on the Shroud of Turin. My best wishes and a warm welcome to the Internet to the CES and their members!

Posted November 12, 1996

Welcome to the Collegamento pro Sindone!

I am pleased to announce the opening of a new Gateway page to the "Collegamento pro Sindone", one of the most respected Shroud publications in the world. I am proud to host the work of this fine group from Rome, Italy, on this website. Their earlier contributions to this site include the greatly expanded "Shroud Booklist" page as well. English translations of selected articles from current and previous issues will be reprinted on this page, and two articles are already included. I would like to take this opportunity to say "Welcome to the Internet" to their staff and members!

Posted November 2, 1996

A Summary of STURP's Conclusions Added!

A Summary of STURP's Conclusions has been added to the "1978 Scientific Examination" page of this website. Taken directly from STURP's final report published in 1981, it summarizes their findings in simple, non-technical terms. More on the subject of STURP can be found in an answer to a recent letter on the "Comments From Our Viewers" page.

Posted October 31, 1996


It is with mixed emotions that I present the following Official Press Release, for it marks the close of a significant chapter in Shroud history. I am proud to have been a participant.

Thomas F. D'Muhala, formerly President of the Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc., (STURP), has announced, that after many years of scientific testing and study, the scientific organization has successfully achieved its purpose, and STURP has been dissolved.

STURP was organized in 1978 and conducted the hands-on scientific testing on the Shroud of Turin in 1978. Subsequently, the team members exhaustively analyzed the data gathered in 1978 and published their findings in peer reviewed scientific journals. Perhaps the most significant findings were that the Shroud image is not an artifact, and that the image was formed by a still unknown mechanism and that there is human blood on the Shroud.

Posted October 27, 1996

New Books Available!

Two noteworthy books have just been released and have been added to the "Obtain Shroud Materials" page of this website. The first is Relic, Icon or Hoax? Carbon Dating the Turin Shroud by Harry E. Gove, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Rochester, USA. Harry Gove is a co-inventor of accelerator mass spectrometry and was responsible for its use in establishing whether the Turin Shroud could have been Christ's burial cloth. The second is La Sindone - Un'immagine Impossibile, the latest book by noted Shroud researcher Emanuela Marinelli. Published in Italian, it was released on October 15, 1996 and includes the latest news on all the scientific arguments. Both books have also been included on the "Shroud of Turin Booklist" page of this website.

Posted October 25, 1996

Another Presentation Added to the Esopus Conference Page!

Tom D'Muhala's presentation, "Where Do We Go From Here?" has just been added to the "1996 Esopus Conference" page of the website. Tom was a founding member of STURP and has been its president since 1978. In this insightful presentation, Tom discusses his personal involvement in Shroud research, provides some much needed perspective on the carbon dating and suggests various courses of action for current and future Shroud studies.

Posted October 15, 1996

More Viewer's Comments Added!

The "Comments From Our Viewers" page has been somewhat neglected in the last few months, so I'm now selecting the most interesting e-mails from the hundreds I have received and adding them for your information. Check the page now for a few of the most recent and keep watching. More will be added soon..

Posted October 14, 1996

Server Problems Solved!

On Friday evening, 9/27/96, I discovered that the "Examine the Shroud of Turin" page of this website had ceased functioning. This was caused by some changes my server had made to their system. I am happy to report that the necessary corrections have been made and the page is working fine again. I wish to thank those of you who took the time to send me e-mail to notify me of the problem and I thank you all for your patience.

Posted September 30, 1996

Two New Pages Added To Website!

I take great pleasure in announcing the addition of two new pages to this website. First is the "Index To Shroud Spectrum International" page, which includes the complete Table of Contents for every issue of this journal ever published, along with information for ordering available back issues. Spectrum was the first scientific journal in the world dedicated exclusively to Shroud research. See the note below, posted September 18, 1996, for more information.

Second is "The 1996 Esopus Conference" page, with reprints of the presentations made by a number of the well known Shroud researchers at the recent three day meeting. See the notes below or the page itself for more information about the event. Noteworthy is the presentation by Isabel Piczek titled "Alice In Wonderland and the Shroud of Turin". It includes 58 illustrations and clearly addresses many of the questionable theories raised by recent books and articles in the popular press. Presentations by Dorothy Crispino and Joseph Marino are also included and others will be added in the near future. My sincere thanks to the researchers who made their materials available for this page.

Posted September 27, 1996

Shroud of Turin CD-Rom Info Updated!

"The Shroud of Turin CD-Rom Update" page now includes a new progress report on the project, with an overview of the current status of the work.

Posted September 27, 1996

Index to "Shroud Spectrum International" Coming Soon!

I am very pleased to announce that a complete Index with the Table of Contents of every issue of "Shroud Spectrum International" will soon be added to the website. This will give everyone access to this excellent publication, the first ever refereed scientific journal dedicated exclusively to Shroud research. "Spectrum" was published by Dorothy Crispino from 1981 to 1993. It included many high quality articles and papers by noted Shroud researchers from around the world and featured some articles translated and reprinted from "Sindon", the well-known Italian Shroud journal. Copies of back issues are still available, and ordering information will be included with the Index.

Posted September 18, 1996

Holy Shroud Guild Address Changes!

Father Fred Brinkmann, President pro. tem., of the Holy Shroud Guild has been appointed Rector of Notre Dame Retreat House and will be moving to Canandaigua, New York. The Holy Shroud Guild will move with Father Brinkmann, although the Wuenschel Collection will remain with the Seminary Library at Mount Saint Alphonsus. The new address is:

Holy Shroud Guild
P.O. Box 342
Canandaigua, New York 14424
Phone: 716-394-2606
Fax: 716-394-9215

The address for the Perpetual Help Center, the Guild's distribution point for pictures, books, articles and cards will remain the same. (See the listing on the "Obtain Shroud Materials" page of this website).

Posted September 18, 1996

Upcoming Events in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

Howard Livingston was kind enough to submit the following information for our viewers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area:

A display of approximately 75 images, including a full size backlit photograph of the Shroud will be exhibited at Cityview Hospital in West Ft. Worth, Texas. The exhibit is available through September 28th. Please check locally for the hours of the exhibit.

Dr. John Jackson (co-founder of STURP) and his wife Rebecca will be speaking at St. Lukes Catholic Church, 202 McArthur Drive, Irving, Texas, on September 21, 1996. The Jackson's, along with a display of photographs, etc., will be there from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Again, check locally for additional information.
Posted September 15, 1996

New Page Will Be Added Soon!

A new page, titled "The 1996 Esopus Conference", will soon be added to the website. I am currently obtaining transcripts and permissions from a number of the noted Shroud researchers who presented papers during the recent meeting, held to honor Fr. Adam Otterbein, co-founder of the Holy Shroud Guild. See the note posted on June 9, 1996 (below) for more information about the conference. I hope to provide you with an overview of the event in addition to reprinting many of the presentations made during the weekend meeting. Keep watching!

Posted September 15, 1996

Shroud Booklist Expanded and Moved!

The "Shroud Booklist" page has been greatly expanded and now lists hundreds of books in many different languages. The page was recently moved to the "Main Menu" to make it more accessible. The material for this update was kindly provided by Professor Emanuela Marinelli of the Collegamento Pro Sindone, in Rome. Professor Marinelli is a noted Shroud researcher and author as well as editor of the Collegamento's Newsletter.

Posted August 28, 1996

Shroud Centers & Organizations Page Updated and Moved!

I am pleased to announce that the "Shroud Centers & Organizations" page has been updated to include international centers in nine countries, as well as many more here in the United States. Because of its growth, this page, along with the "Shroud Booklist" page have been moved from the "For More Information" page to the "Main Menu" as standalone pages. This should make the information they provide simpler to find. The "For More Information" page has been renamed "Links To More Information" and now contains only Links to Shroud related websites and Internet Search Engines. The "Shroud Booklist" page will also be expanded soon.

Posted August 22, 1996

Lost E-mail!

Over the last six months, many of you have sent e-mail to this website. I have attempted to respond promptly, and in all cases answered within two weeks. However, on a number of occasions, when I answered and sent off my reply, it was returned to me marked "undeliverable as addressed". (Sounds like the post office, doesn't it?) If you sent e-mail and have NOT received an answer, you probably fall into this category. In several cases I looked closer and found obvious typos in the return address and re-sent the mail. Since I use the reply button of Eudora to answer my e-mail (which takes the return address from your e-mail), I offer the following recommendation. Double check that your return address is correctly indicated on your e-mail form before sending it. That should solve the problem. If you have written and not received an answer, please do write again. And thank you all for taking the time to write.

Posted August 22, 1996

Navigator Area Redesigned For Easier Browsing!

As this website has grown and more pages were added, the Navigator area at the bottom of each page has also grown in size. With the addition of two more pages today, it reached a length that made its redesign essential. Consequently, you will now find a completely redesigned Navigator Bar at the bottom of each page. However, the new design required shortening the page descriptions. If you want to see a more detailed description of each page, you can still select the Main Menu, which remains unchanged. This should make navigating this website much easier for you, and improve the visual design of the pages as well.

Posted August 22, 1996

Holy Shroud Guild Website Link Added!

The Holy Shroud Guild was founded in 1951 by Father Peter Rinaldi and Father Adam Otterbein. This organization and its founders were instrumental in helping STURP obtain permission to perform the 1978 scientific examination of the Shroud. Dedicated to promoting the devotion and scientific research of the cloth, the Guild makes available a large selection of Shroud books, photographs, a Newsletter and other materials. And now the Guild is available on the web. Links to it can be found on the "Shroud Centers & Organizations" page of this website, the "Links To More Information" page and on the "Obtain Shroud Materials" page as well. This new website is still under construction, but you will find it well worth the visit.

Posted August 9, 1996

A Word of Thanks... 10,000 "Hits" and Growing!

As you may have noticed on the opening page of this website, we just passed the 10,000 visitor mark on our "counter". That's a lot of "hits" since April 15, 1996, and I want to personally say "thank you" to all of you who have taken the time to visit this website. I also want to thank those of you who have contributed materials or made suggestions or granted permission to reprint your work. Without your participation, this website would still be "skin and bones". Your support and interest is truly appreciated. And you truly are a diverse group! My web server recently began providing statistical information about the website, and these "stats" are really amazing. I thought I would share a few with you, to give you an idea of the diversity of our visitors:

For the week ending July 21, 1996, the country outside the USA that paid us the most visits was Indonesia. The following week (when the British Society pages were added), as expected, the most visits came from the UK.

The busiest hours are from 6:00pm to 8:00pm PDT.

We have had visitors from over 30 countries.

We are getting many visits from folks at various government and military addresses, including:

The House, the Senate, the Department of Education, Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratories, the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Treasury Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Also, scholars and scientists from many of the major educational institutions around the world have paid us visits, including:

Berkeley, Caltech, Dartmouth, Duke, FSU, NYU, Pottsdam, Stanford, Universities of Denver, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Pittsburgh, Indiana, Toronto, Chicago, and St. Etienne in France, to name only a few!

I am including a direct link should you wish to review the statistics in greater detail. (They are usually updated every Monday): STATISTICS PAGE (You will need to use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page). I am really thrilled to see such a cross section of visitors and very proud of our "internationality". Thank you all for your participation and your continued interest in this fascinating subject. And please keep watching. Some major additions are on the way!

Posted August 9, 1996

"Shroud Conservation" Article from Shroud Spectrum International Added!

Conservation of the Shroud of Turin by Alan D. Adler and Larry Schwalbe, originally published in the December 1993 issue of Shroud Spectrum International, has been added to the "Scientific Papers & Articles" page of this website. It provides a realistic evaluation of the conservation problems that must be confronted and resolved in order to preserve the Shroud of Turin and its unique image. Alan Adler, Professor of Chemistry at Western Connecticut State University, is a well known and respected Shroud researcher who worked with the late John Heller in evaluating the blood stains on the Shroud. Both he, and Larry Schwalbe of Los Alamos Laboratories, were original team members of STURP. This article is reprinted courtesy of Dorothy Crispino, Publisher and Editor of Shroud Spectrum International, the first refereed scientific journal dedicated exclusively to Shroud of Turin research. More information about this important Shroud resource is coming in the near future...

Posted August 2, 1996

Welcome to the British Society for the Turin Shroud!

The June/July 1996 issue of the British Society for the Turin Shroud Newsletter has been added, in its entirety, to this website! I am proud to serve as their host, and help bring this fine organization and their important work to the Internet. You can access the NEW "British Society for the Turin Shroud" page from the "Main Menu" or via the Navigator buttons at the bottom of every main page. Also included is more information about the Society itself, membership applications and Shroud materials available for purchase. To all of their members I take great pride in saying, "Welcome to the Internet!" See the news item posted July 10, 1996 (below) for more details.

Posted July 25, 1996

"Cyber-riffic!" Magellan Gives This Website a "Three Star" Rating!

The Magellan Internet Directory and search engine (accessible via the "Links To More Information" page of this website), regularly reviews and rates selected Internet sites. I am proud to announce that we have been reviewed and given "Three Stars". In addition, our review also includes a "Green Light" icon, signifying content acceptable for all family members. To read the review, click on the "3 Star" image above, or go to the Magellan Internet Directory search engine and enter "Shroud of Turin" in the search area. Several websites will be displayed. Just click on the word "Review" to read what they had to say about each.

Posted July 24, 1996

Spanish Language Newsletter Available!

Information about the Spanish language newsletter published semi-annually by the Centro Mexicano de Sindonologia has been added to the "Obtain Shroud Materials" page of this website. This is the first of many non-English language publications planned for inclusion on this page. The Centro itself is now also found on the "Shroud Centers & Organizations" page.

Posted July 24, 1996

British Society for the Turin Shroud Newsletter To Be Published On This Website!

The British Society for the Turin Shroud, one of the oldest and most respected Shroud research organizations in the world, recently contacted me regarding the Internet distribution of their BSTS Newsletter. I immediately agreed to have this website act as the "host" for their publication. In the very near future you will find the entire text of their most recent (June/July 1996) Newsletter issue. The Newsletter is edited by none other than Ian Wilson, one of the most prolific, well respected and world reknown authors on the Shroud and its history. This website was the topic of a very flattering article in that same recent issue, and I wish to thank Ian Wilson personally for his positive review and his enthusiastic support. I look forward to a long relationship with the British Society and its members. I also suggested that the BSTS submit regular updates of their activities, etc., to be included on the website as well. This goes a long way towards helping achieve my goal of making this website an International Center for Shroud Studies. Keep watching!

Posted July 10, 1996

New Book Now Available!

Sancta Sindone: The Shroud of Turin, a Special Investigative Report by Philip St. Vincent Brennan, has just become available. It is adapted from a ten-part series originally written as a special report for "Wednesday On The Web", an Internet magazine (http://www/pacg.com/pvbr/) edited by the author and appearing weekly on the World Wide Web.

Information on ordering this and other materials can be found on the "Obtain Shroud Materials" page of this website.

I found the book to be very well written, easily understood and quite straightforward, a good encapsulization of the story of the Shroud.

Posted July 10, 1996

America On-Line Upgrades Its Web Browser!

To those of you who are viewing with America On-Line: America On-Line has just made available its Version 3.0 software. You can download it by following the onscreen instructions after logging on. The software is now in its final form; the download takes about 30 minutes with a 14.4 modem and installation only a few minutes more. I have tested this new web browser and am pleased to announce that it works very well. It now includes full support for most Netscape extensions, which means you will get to see all the graphic features included in many websites today. It is sure to improve your browsing pleasure of this and most other websites. I heartily recommend downloading it if your system meets the necessary requirements. You will see the web with new eyes!

Updated July 10, 1996
Originally Posted June 9, 1996

Summer Break!

I will be taking a short vacation from June 29, 1996 through July 8, 1996, and will be away from the computer for the entire time. Any E-mail sent to the website will be answered promptly after I return. Also, watch for a major website update around July 15. Thank you all for your continued support and participation. Barrie Schwortz

Posted June 27, 1996

First International Holy Shroud Guild Seminar-Retreat

The Holy Shroud Guild was formed in 1951 by Father Peter Rinaldi and Father Adam Otterbein to promote devotion to and the scientific investigation of the Shroud of Turin. Father Adam Otterbien, C.Ss.R., has been President of the Holy Shroud Guild for 45 years and was instrumental in helping the Shroud of Turin Research Project obtain permission to perform their tests. Furthermore, he has been a Redemptorist for 60 years, taking his religious vows on August 2, 1936. On August 23-24-25, 1996 he will be the honored guest at a gathering of his friends and Shroud of Turin colleagues at the First International Holy Shroud Guild Seminar-Retreat. The speakers at the event will include original STURP team members Dr. John Jackson, Dr. Bob Bucklin, Dr. Alan Adler and Thomas D'Muhala, noted Shroud historian Dr. Dan Scavone, CSST Co-Founder and Shroud researcher, Dr. Alan Whanger and internationally known monumental artist and theoretical physicist, Isabel Pizcek.

Space at the event will be limited, so register early if you wish to attend. Reservations must be made by August 10, 1996. For more information you can write to:

Rev. Frederick Brinkmann, C.Ss.R.
Holy Shroud Guild
P.O. Box 155
Esopus, NY 12429
For Inquiries Call Joanne or Stacy: (914)384-6550

Posted June 9, 1996

New Link Added to Carbon Dating Article!

"Science and the Shroud", a new article from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio's magazine, "The Mission", deals with carbon dating research done by Dr. Leoncio Garza-Valdes and his team. Their work throws into question the accuracy of the 1260-1390 carbon date assigned to the Shroud by 1988 test results. It includes a number of excellent color photographs and provides an overview of the research and its possible impact on many areas of science. Remember, this link takes you to a different website. You will have to use your browser's "Back" button to return to this website.

You can also find the link on both the "Scientific Papers & Articles" page or the "Links To More Information" page of this website. And don't miss the message below about Dr. Garza-Valdes' paper being reprinted here in its entirety in the near future.

Posted June 6, 1996

New Information On Carbon Dating!

On May 21, 1996, Dr. Garza-Valdes of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, presented his current work on the Carbon 14 dating of the Shroud of Turin to the American Society of Microbiologists meeting in New Orleans. He concluded that "the Shroud's fibers are coated with bacteria and fungi that have grown on the cloth for centuries" and that carbon dating "sampled the contaminants as well as the fibers' cellulose," yielding an erroneous carbon date.

I have just received Dr. Garza-Valdes' permission to reprint his paper in its entirety here on the website! I hope to have it on the net very soon! I also received many e-mails from concerned viewers, informing me of the work, or wondering why none of it was available on this website. Remember, the disciplines of serious science must withstand the scrutiny of peer review. Although I have known about the research for some time, I felt it was important to wait until it was published and presented before a credible scientific organization. Permission to reprint it here on the Internet could only come afterwards. And now the work and the results have more credibility. My sincere thanks to all of you who wrote me on the subject. Your participation is acknowledged and appreciated! Keep watching, it's on the way!

Posted May 25, 1996

New Shroud Center Opens!

On Sunday, May 19th, 1996, the Shroud Center of Southern California held its Grand Opening in Huntington Beach, California. The founder, Dr. August Accetta, officiated at the ceremony that included about 100 guests. The guest speakers included several noted Shroud researchers: Dr. John Jackson, co-founder of the Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc., (STURP), his wife Rebecca, Director of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, Dr. Alan Whanger, Professor Emeritus of Duke University and director of the Council for the Study of the Shroud of Turin, (CSST), and Shroud historian, Father Joseph Marino, O.S.B., of St. Louis Priory School.

The Center plans to provide accurate information on the Shroud and promote further scientific research of the cloth. It houses an exhibit that includes life-size, back-lit color and black & white transparencies of the Shroud made from the 1978 photographs. It also has a gift shop area where Shroud books and other materials are available.

Additional information can be obtained directly by contacting Dr. August Accetta at the Center:

Shroud Center of Southern California
18351 Beach Blvd. Suite B
Huntington Beach, California 92646
Phone: (714)375-5723

See the "Shroud Centers & Organizations" page of the website for a list of other Shroud Centers.

Posted May 21, 1996

Important Book Review Added!

A Book Review of "The Turin Shroud: In Whose Image?", the 1994 book by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince that concludes Leonardo Da Vinci created the Shroud of Turin, has been added to the Website. The review, written by noted Shroud author and historian Daniel C. Scavone, Professor of History at the University of Southern Indiana, is the first available by a qualified Shroud researcher. This review discusses their theories in detail and challenges their conclusions, point by point. Professor Scavone's well researched book on the history of the Shroud, "THE SHROUD OF TURIN: OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS," was published in 1989.

Posted May 12, 1996

Progress Report Added!

The "Update on the Shroud of Turin CD-Rom" page of the website now includes a more detailed description of the CD-Rom and an up-to-the-minute Progress Report on the status of the project, including an overview of the hardware and software that will be used to create the disks. Click on the above text link if you wish to go there now.

Posted May 12, 1996

"Obtain Shroud Materials" page expanded!

The "Obtain Shroud Materials" page of the website has been expanded to include many more resources, including a list of Shroud Newsletters available in the English language.. Soon international organizations publishing newsletters in other languages will also be included. Click on the above text link if you wish to go there now.

Posted May 12, 1996

Important New Paper Added!

Is The Shroud of Turin a Painting? Written by Isabel Piczek, noted monumental artist, theoretical physicist and Shroud researcher, this paper asks one of the most important, yet controversial questions about the Shroud one can ask, and answers it as only an artist can. This is a condensed version of the paper Isabel presented at the Rome International Symposium in 1993 and is presented here with color illustrations for the first time publicly. Immediately following the paper is a link to the McCrone Institute Shroud Page, where you can read the opposing point of view by noted microscopist Walter McCrone. Click on the above text link if you wish to read the article now. Note: this paper includes 19 illustrations and will take a few minutes to load the first time you visit.

Posted April 6, 1996

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